G Suite with Google Domains: Quick Start

Signed up for G Suite with Google Domains? Learn how to set up your email, manage your G Suite services, and contact Support.

If you don't have a G Suite account for your domain yet, follow these instructions to sign up

Manage your G Suite account and settings

As a G Suite administrator, you use the Google Admin console to manage your organization’s settings, for example, to create an email alias for a user, or add another domain to your G Suite account.

Sign in to your G Suite email and Admin console
  1. Sign in to your G Suite email with your G Suite user name that contains your domain name, like you@yourdomain.com. Important: This should not be your personal Gmail address.
  2. To access your G Suite Admin console: In the top-right of Gmail, click the gear Settings and select Manage this domain from the drop-down menu.

    Don't see the Manage this domain link? Contact the person who signed up for G Suite within Google Domains and ask them about admin privileges.

Sign in to your G Suite Email

 About G Suite with Google Domains

Set up G Suite email

Manage G Suite

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