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August 2019

Add a theme to a spreadsheet

Choose a theme or create your own to design your spreadsheet. Learn more about themes in Google Sheets.

Add a slicer to filter your data 

Add slicers to your spreadsheet to filter your tables, charts or pivot tables by categories you choose. Learn how to add a slicer.
Call out key metrics with scorecard charts
You can call attention to key metrics or stats within your sheet with a scorecard chart. Learn how to insert a scorecard chart.

July 2019

Add a border colour to charts

Choose a custom colour for the border around your chart. Learn how to customise your charts.

June 2019

Identify who changed a specific cell in a spreadsheet

Identify who changed the data in any of your cells. Learn when the data was changed and what the value had previously been. Learn more about edit history in Sheets.

May 2019

Trim whitespace and remove duplicates in your spreadsheet

Quickly remove duplicate rows or extra whitespace in your spreadsheet. Learn more about these features in Google Sheets.

April 2019

Edit Office files with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides 

You can now directly edit, comment and collaborate on Office files using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Learn how to use Office editing. 

Quickly format charts, pivot tables, images and more

You can now copy and paste images into Sheets, select multiple objects and use guides to align, size and position them. You can also choose where to place pivot tables and add charts that automatically stay updated. Learn more about the new object features in Sheets.

March 2019

Add images inside of cells

It’s now easier to insert images in cells in Google Sheets. In addition to the IMAGE function, you can use the new option found inside the Insert menu. Learn how to add an image inside a cell.

January 2019

Analyse large data sets with BigQuery and Google Sheets

You can now analyse and share data easily with the BigQuery data connector for Google Sheets. Ensure a single source of truth, streamline reporting and collaborate in a familiar spreadsheet interface. Learn how to analyse your BigQuery data using Google Sheets.

Apply unique colours to chart elements

Give a chart element (such as a bar on a bar graph or a point or line on a line graph) a unique colour, instead of the same colour for all similar elements. You can emphasise a specific part of a chart to tell a better story. Learn how to edit your chart’s individual points and bars.

December 2018

Manage larger spreadsheets

Now you can ingest and process much larger data sets in Google Sheets. Create and manage spreadsheets with up to 5 million cells.

Download charts as vector graphics from Google Sheets

You can now export charts from Google Sheets in .svg and .pdf formats. These vector files can be resized and zoomed without loss of quality. Learn how to download your charts.

September 2018

Connect with Salesforce from Google Sheets

Import data and reports from Salesforce into Sheets and push updates that you make in Sheets back to Salesforce. Use this connector to optimise workflows and reduce duplicate work between the two products. Learn how to import, edit and sync Salesforce data with Google Sheets.

July 2018

 Integrate SAP with Google Sheets

You can now export data directly from SAP GUI and SAP ECC 6.0 to Sheets. Find new insights in your ERP data with tools like charts, pivot tables and Explore.
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