Use Smart Compose in Google Docs

You can use Smart Compose in Google Docs to help you write documents faster and more easily. This feature uses machine learning to offer suggestions as you type.

Important: Smart Compose is available for users with accounts through work, on desktop, and in English only. It doesn't provide answers and may not always provide factually correct information.

Turn Smart Compose on or off

  1. Open a document in Google Docs. 
  2. At the top, click Toolsand thenPreferences
  3. To turn Smart Compose on or off, click Show Smart Compose suggestions.
  4. Click Ok.

Accept or reject a suggestion

To accept a Smart Compose suggestion:

  • Press the tab key, or
  • Hit the right cursor key

To reject a Smart Compose suggestion, keep typing.

About Machine Learning

As language understanding models use billions of common phrases and sentences to automatically learn about the world, they can also reflect human cognitive biases. Being aware of this is a good start, and the conversation around how to handle it is ongoing. Google is committed to making products that work well for everyone, and is actively researching unintended bias and mitigation strategies.

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