What's new: November 2019

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from November 2019

Campaign and workflow updates

New ads in mobile apps line item type now available

New ads in mobile apps line items allow you to separate out app inventory. This is useful if you're getting started with mobile app advertising, and if you rely on specific audience lists or brand safety settings that are incompatible with mobile apps. Learn more

On-target reach of planned campaigns now available

Display & Video 360 now has the ability to show you the "on-target reach," or estimated number of people matching your demographic targeting, of your planned campaigns. Learn more

"Flight" pacing now available for new TrueView line items

New TrueView line items now have the option to use "flight" pacing. With this pacing setting, Display & Video 360 will spend the line item’s budget as even as possible throughout the flight, reducing the need for manual budget adjustments during the course of a campaign.

Explore suggestions from the impression lost chart to improve pacing

You can now easily address pacing issues by exploring suggestions via the impression lost chart . After selecting an entire insertion order or a few line items, click "Explore" from the chart to see available suggestions to help reduce impression loss. You can apply the suggestions to individual line items or in bulk to quickly modify bid and budget settings to optimize your pacing. Learn more

History tab updated with a new experience

The History tab was updated with a new overall experience. Change history descriptions are now better organized, and more detailed system changes are hidden by default to remove noise from the change logs. Performance charts were added to line item history so you can compare recent changes with performance metrics. Learn more

Creative updates

AMPHTML creatives can now serve on HTML pages

Previously, AMPHTML creatives could only serve on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) inventory. Now they can serve on standard HTML inventory on Ad Manager. Learn more

Insights updates

Audio metrics now available in Instant Reporting

Audio metrics are now available in Instant Reporting, allowing you to see data immediately for your audio campaigns. The metrics include: Starts (Audio), Companion Clicks (Audio), Completed Listens (Audio), First Quartile (Audio), Midpoint (Audio), and Third Quartile (Audio).

Inventory updates

Verizon Media exchanges updated

The "BRXD" exchange has been updated to "Verizon Media Exchange" and "One Video" has been updated to "Verizon Media Video Exchange" in both targeting and reporting.

Inventory source updates

The following inventory is now available:

  • Teads (native display)

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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