What's new: July 2019

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from July 2019

Campaign and workflow updates

Content exclusions from games have changed for TrueView line items

In order to provide more precise controls, content exclusions from games have changed for TrueView line items. The Games content type has been deprecated from the Other content type option in ad group- and advertiser-level Category exclusion targeting. To continue to exclude games, use the Games option in Categories targeting in your ad groups. This option includes the same inventory as the Games content type exclusion and provides more coverage for web games content.

Customize attribution models now available for Floodlight and offline reports

You can now customize your Floodlight attribution by selecting from a set of available models in your Floodlight settings. You can also choose what attribution model to use when running offline reports with a new attribution model filter. For Display & Video 360 accounts linked to Campaign Manager, the attribution models used in Campaign Manager will be synced. Learn more

Drive store visits and transactions with TrueView extensions

You can use extensions to show additional information alongside your TrueView ads that can help you increase store visits and transactions. There are two types of extensions available: location extensions and affiliate location extensions. Learn more

TrueView for reach now available in the reach planning tool

TrueView for reach is now supported in the reach planning tool, allowing you to forecast the expected performance of your upcoming TrueView for reach campaigns. With this expanded support, you can now forecast how many people your overall YouTube campaign is expected to reach across YouTube inventory and ad formats.

Improved change history in advertiser Brand Controls

The change history in your advertiser’s Brand Controls now matches the look and feel of other change history pages and features more up-to-date information about changes made across your advertiser.

Creative updates

Native and app install creative workflow on Ad Canvas

The workflow for building new native and app install creatives has moved to Ad Canvas, giving you a more intuitive creative construction experience and real-time preview of potential live creatives. All of the native formats (video, display, and app install) and app install formats (banner, interstitial and video) use this new workflow to better align with other workflows from the Format Gallery.

Insights updates

Improved New report button for offline reports

The New report button for offline reports now features a down-arrow that opens a menu of report templates. Clicking on the New report button creates a Standard report, and using the arrow opens the full list of templates. This update makes it faster for you to create Standard reports by removing the extra step of scanning through every report template before you can start setting up this popular type of report.

Inventory updates

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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