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Measure the reach of TV campaigns with TV Ad Explorer

Gain insights into your traditional linear TV campaigns in Display & Video 360 with TV Ad Explorer. By linking a YouTube channel where you post TV ads to your Display & Video 360 advertiser, you can:

  • Explore key metrics and audience data from your recent TV campaigns.
  • See airings data as soon as the day after airing.
  • Measure the reach of your TV ads by daypart, demographics, genres, networks, and shows.

Data about your TV campaigns is available whether or not you bought the media through Display & Video 360. With this deeper insight into traditional TV performance, you can inform the strategy of your digital buys and plan complementary digital and TV campaigns.

Data availability

Display & Video 360 licenses TV data from comScore as the input for ratings information, including reach and demographics. YouTube videos are matched to TV ad airings data in order to link digital videos to TV creatives.

Data is available in TV Ad Explorer for:

  • TV ads that are hosted as public videos in a YouTube channel linked to your Display & Video 360 advertiser.
  • National TV campaigns with airings in the United States. Local or international campaigns aren’t available.
  • Live, linear TV airings. Video-on-demand or time-shifted viewing airings aren’t available.

You can view data spanning the previous 18 months.

Get started

Click on Resources > TV Ad Explorer from your Display & Video 360 advertiser to navigate to TV Ad Explorer. You’ll see instructions to enable TV Ad Explorer the first time you access the tab, along with a sample of the data available in the tool.

To set up TV Ad Explorer, go to Settings > Basic Details from your advertiser:

  1. Accept the Terms & Conditions: Select the option to authorize Google to use video creatives associated with your advertiser to provide reporting and features related to the advertiser’s television campaigns.
  2. Link a YouTube channel: Use a channel where you post TV ads as public YouTube videos. Learn more about linking YouTube channels to Display & Video 360 advertisers.

After you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions and linked a YouTube channel, it can take up to 24 hours for data to begin to appear in TV Ad Explorer.

Navigate TV Ad Explorer

The videos in TV Ad Explorer are organized into categories to help you review related content. You can click on categories or individual videos to explore data related to that content. Use the date picker at the top to view a range when your TV ads aired. Based on the date range you select, you’ll see airings and reach data for your TV ads.

TV ad categories

Within TV Ad Explorer, your ads are organized based on comScore categories. These classifications are typically provided by advertisers and TV networks to comScore and often reflect the product or business category for a TV ad.

You can view aggregated data per category or you can drill down into each separate ad. When you expand a category you’ll see:

  • All TV ads: This is an aggregate view of all of the TV ads in a category. This includes two types of ads:
    • Matched TV ads: You’ll see thumbnails for every TV ad that was matched to a YouTube video.
    • Unmatched TV ads: You’ll see aggregated data for TV ads that we were unable to match to a YouTube video.
  • TV ads with YouTube videos - Reach data pending: You’ll see aggregated airings data for YouTube videos that are pending a comScore category. Keep checking back in TV Ad Explorer, as these videos will be slotted into a category and include reach data over time.

The Airings tab

Use the Airings tab to review airings data for your TV ads. Data in this tab is available one day after an airing occured. The Airings tab appears if your date range covers the last 18 days.

At the top of the tab, you’ll see the number of airings for your TV ads per day. Below this, you’ll see breakdowns of the shows, networks, and genres for the airings.

By analyzing the data in the Airings tab, you can:

  • See which shows, networks, and genres your content is airing on.
  • Better understand the pacing of your TV campaign.

The Reach tab

Use the Reach tab to view key demographics information for your TV campaigns. Data in this tab is available 18 days after an airing occured. The Reach tab appears if your date range includes dates from more than 18 days ago.

At the top of the tab, you’ll see the overall reach of your airings and the corresponding target rating points (TRPs) by day. Below this, you’ll see breakdowns by demographics, daypart, genre, show, and networks. Note that the demographics breakdowns won’t add to 100% since there are often multiple viewers per household.

By analyzing the data in the Reach tab, you can:

  • Validate whether your TV campaign is reaching the intended audience.
  • Understand the times your TV ads are running to plan for related digital campaigns.
  • See how your TV ads perform on specific shows and genres so you can target similar content in digital buys.
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