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Fix disapproved TrueView ads

The YouTube videos used in TrueView ads go through a creative review process to check that they comply with our content requirements, including:

Your ad won’t serve if it’s disapproved during creative review.

Review timeline

  • When you edit a disapproved ad, the existing ad is removed and a new one is created.
  • The new ad will automatically be submitted for review. The “Status” column will change from “Disapproved” to “Under review.”
  • Most ads are reviewed in 1 business day, but complex reviews may take longer. Please wait a full 24 hours before reaching out to support about your ad review status.

Fix disapproved ads

You can see more details about why an ad was disapproved and fix any issues in your Display & Video 360 account:

  1. Go to an existing TrueView line item.

  2. On the TrueView ad groups tab, you’ll see a table with all of your ad groups and the ads in each of them.

  3. In the Status column, hover over the ad’s Disapproved status. You can learn more about the policy that the ad doesn’t comply with by clicking the link next to Feedback.

  4. To fix issues with the ad, start by clicking its name.

  5. On the page that loads, click the pencil icon in the Ads section to update your ad.

    Editing an ad will remove the existing ad and create a new one. Statistics for the old ad will not be visible anymore. The new ad will be submitted for review.
  6. Click Edit ad on the prompt that appears.

  7. Update the ad so that it complies with the policy and hit Done.

  8. Save the ad group. This will trigger the review timeline described above.

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