Create a campaign

Use campaigns in Display & Video 360 to group together related insertion orders with a common business goal. With campaigns you can:

  • Track your campaign goals directly in Display & Video 360.
  • Frequency cap across multiple insertion orders.
  • Set default targeting for multiple insertion orders (and the line items in the insertion orders).
  • Report across all of the insertion orders in the campaign.

Campaign statuses

Campaigns can have one of the following statuses, which can control whether or not the line items in the campaign can serve:

  • Active campaigns are eligible for serving. The insertion orders in the campaign can spend and will serve creatives via any active line items associated with the insertion order.
  • Paused campaigns aren't eligible for serving, even if any insertion orders and line items associated with the campaign are active.
  • Archived campaigns are automatically paused and filtered from view. Learn more
  • Completed campaigns have reached their end date. As the campaign flight dates don't affect serving, completed campaigns may still serve if their line items and insertion orders are active. 

Create a campaign

  1. Open your advertiser in Display & Video 360.

  2. In the left menu, click Campaign.

  3. Click New campaign, then enter the following information for your campaign:

    • Name for your campaign.

    • goal and key performance indicator (KPI), and optionally enter a specific KPI amount.

      The goal and KPI will be used to provide optimization recommendations, power automatic budget allocation (if it's turned on), and visualize performance against the goal you've set. Goals work best when targets are realistic and closely reflect your objectives.

      Types of goals and KPIs
      • Raise awareness of my brand or product
      • Drive online action or visits
      • Drive offline or in-store sales
      • Drive app installs or engagements

      You'll see recommended KPIs based on the goal you've selected, including:

      • CPA
      • CPC
      • CPIAVC
      • CPM
      • CPV
      • CTR
      • Viewable %
    • Choose the creative type you expect to use.

    • (Optional) Enter the planned spend for all of the insertion orders in your campaign. This won't limit serving, but will be used to help with tracking your budget.

    • Select the planned dates your campaign will run. These dates won't affect serving.

    • Set a campaign-level frequency cap for all of the insertion orders and line items in your campaign.

      How do campaign-level frequency caps work?

      Campaign-level frequency caps work across multiple insertion orders. If you set a frequency cap in a campaign, serving will stop once the first cap at any level (campaign, insertion order, or line item) is reached.

      If you don't set a frequency cap at the campaign level, you can control frequency at the insertion order- and line item-levels.

      Learn more about frequency caps in Display & Video 360. 

    • Select the inventory source(s) you wish to use in your campaign by choosing between public inventory, deals and auction packages, and grouped deals. Learn more

      Display & Video 360 gives you the option to select inventory source quality based on Authorized Sellers. Learn more

    • Specify default targeting for the campaign. New insertion orders and line items in the campaign will inherit these settings. The following types of default targeting can be set:

      • Demographics
      • Geography
      • Language
      • Brand safety
      • Inventory source
      • Environment
      • Viewability
      • Position
  4. Click Create to save your new campaign.

You’re now ready to create new insertion orders in your campaign.

Duplicate a campaign

To use an existing campaign as a template for new ones, select the checkboxes next to the campaign you want to copy, then select Actions > Duplicate. The duplicated campaign will contain copies of the original campaign's line items and insertion orders.

Duplicated campaigns are paused by default to prevent unintended serving. To view your duplicate campaign, you may need to update the Status filter in the Campaign tab to include paused items. 

You can't duplicate the system-generated campaign.

Frequently asked questions

Can I report on campaigns?

Yes, campaigns are available as a dimension and filter in many report types, including the Standard report. 

Can I move insertion orders into a campaign?

No, there is no way to move existing insert orders into a campaign. If you want to restructure your insertion orders into a campaign, you must re-create them as new insertion orders. (Remember to shift your budgets and pause your old insertion orders.)

Can I use Structured Data Files (SDF) to create campaigns?

Yes, as long as you're using SDF version 3.1 or later. Learn more

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