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YouTube videos in YouTube & partners line items

In YouTube & partners line items, creatives are specified by selecting the YouTube video you want in an ad within the YouTube & partners line item's ad group. 

For Display & Video 360 to access your YouTube videos, they must be public or unlisted (not private). You also can't use uploaded, third-party served, or Campaign Manager 360–hosted videos for YouTube.

Content requirements

Creative review process

All videos used in YouTube & partners line items are subject to a review process to validate video content and the behavior of any third-party tracking pixels used. Most ads are reviewed in 1 business day, but complex reviews may take longer.

For certain restricted products and services, you will be asked to manually request this review for each YouTube & partners ad.

Third-party tracking pixel requirements

Google Ads no longer accepts third-party ad tracking pixels for YouTube measurement. Learn more about the changes to third-party measurement for YouTube

Including third-party tracking pixels (1x1 image pixels) in ads is optional. Third-party tracking pixels are available for skippable, bumper, and non-skippable ads, but not in-feed video ads. If you include these pixels, they must meet requirements for third-party ad servingand the following requirements:

For third-party pixel implementation: 

  • Tracking pixels are supported for impression, view, and skip events for skippable ads. For bumper and non-skippable ads, tracking pixels are supported for impression events. 
  • Up to 3 tracking pixels (which may redirect up to 3 times each) are accepted per event.
  • JavaScript is not allowed.
  • All tracking pixels and any fourth-party calls made within the pixels from daisy-chaining must be SSL-compliant.
  • Click trackers are not included in this implementation process and should be added to your ads before submitting a request. 
You can now set third-party viewability, brand safety, brand lift, and reach measurement on line items directly in Display & Video 360. Contact support with your vendor client ID and optional on-by-default instructions to enable this feature for your advertiser. You can then set third-party measurement on individual line items in Additional settings > Third-party vendors. Learn more
To include third-party tracking in your ads, submit a request (available in English and Japanese only).

Landing pages for skippable, bumper, and non-skippable ads

When creating a YouTube & partners line item, you can set the landing page a user will be directed to in the Landing page URL field of a skippable, bumper, or non-skippable ad. (This is specified within the ad group section of a YouTube & partners line item). This URL should be the same domain as your advertiser's website.

If you want to use third-party click tracking, you can specify a third-party click-tracking URL in the Tracking URL options field.

Other requirements and video features

Technical requirements

Ad format Where ads appear Video options Companion banner Ad text limits Click destination
Skippable ad

YouTube videos

Video partners' videos, games, and apps

YouTube TV

YouTube video (less than 3 minutes recommended) An image that's automatically generated from the videos in your YouTube channel (recommended for YouTube video action campaigns) or an image that you manually upload N/A Your website
In-feed video ad YouTube search results

YouTube video suggestions

Video plays on YouTube watch or channel page
YouTube video (any length) N/A 100 characters maximum for headline; 35 characters maximum for each description

Description not shown in Suggestions
Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself
Bumper ads

YouTube videos

Video partners' videos, games, and apps

YouTube TV

YouTube video (6 seconds or less) An image that you manually upload N/A Your website
Non-skippable ads

YouTube videos

Video partners' videos, games, and apps

YouTube TV

YouTube video (between 6 and 15 seconds) An image that you manually upload N/A Your website

Optional features

Subtitles: If you want to have subtitles and closed captions appear on a YouTube video you use as an ad, follow these instructions and select the video when setting up your YouTube & partners line item. 

Companion banners: You can add companion banners to your skippable, bumper, and non-skippable ads by uploading your own image that meets the following requirements:

  • Dimensions: 300 x 60
  • File type: JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • File size: 150 KB max
  • GIF frame rate: fewer than 5 frames per second
For YouTube video action campaigns we recommend using an image that's automatically generated from the videos in your YouTube channel. 

Call-to-action (CTA) overlays: To add interactive elements to your ads that can help drive clicks to your website, follow these instructions.


  • If a YouTube video is set to "Private" after it's been used in an ad, the ad will be disapproved. The Video Duration metric in reporting will show a value of “Unknown.” 

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