Marketplace overview

Marketplace offers you a new way to quickly and easily find the right publishers and publisher inventory for your campaign goals and settings. Marketplace shows you the publishers and their inventory, and makes it easy for you to to find the products you want by searching, sorting, and filtering.

Marketplace benefits

  • You see products available to all buyers and non-guaranteed fixed deals & non-guaranteed auction inventory, including Programmatic Guaranteed, exclusively for you.
  • Publisher inventory is displayed graphically so that you can easily discover, negotiate and manage your deals.
  • Publisher details are driven from publisher profile data, including performance, audience, and inventory details.
  • All key product attributes are searchable, such as audiences, ad formats, verticals, and environments.
  • Filter options across multiple dimensions help you quickly find the right partner for your campaigns.
  • All your current products and deals have been propagated automatically - no migration is required.
  • You can send request for proposals (RFP) to publishers directly from the marketplace.

Learn more about Marketplace

Marketplace is the best way to discover publishers and publisher inventory. The articles below explain Marketplace and how to use it in greater detail.

Partner and advertiser context and permissioning

Partner and advertiser contexts refer to the deals that are already permissioned to the partner or advertiser.

Partner and advertiser permissioning refers to the list of partners or advertisers that a deal or inventory source has been setup on. 

If you are in a specific partner on the partner level and you go to My Inventory, you will have access to everything in context to that specific partner. If you are in a specific advertiser on the advertiser level, you will have access to everything in context to that specific advertiser.

Requirements for enabling Marketplace on a partner account

  • Only partner-level admin and standard users are able to enable Marketplace.
  • Google Ad Manager must be enabled by going to [Partner] > Settings > Basic Details > Exchanges.

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