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Legacy mobile app conversion tracking with third-party tools

This article guides you through the legacy workflow for Campaign Manager 360. Go to the third-party conversion tracking article for the updated workflow.

Third-party providers can learn more about integrating with Google Marketing Platform.

1. Enable third-party mobile in-app conversion tracking

Third-party mobile in-app conversion tracking needs to be enabled at the advertiser level. To set it up:

  1. Go to Resources > Floodlight for a campaign.

  2. Under the Basic Details tab, navigate to the Partner integrations > Server to server section and enable in-app attribution tracking.

  3. Click the  on the right to view and add tokens.

  4. Click New token to generate a token, then enter a name. You can use the name of the third-party service. Only one token is needed, unless integrating with multiple third-party tracking services.  Token names can't contain double quotes, < >, and must be between 1 and 30 characters. When you are finished adding tokens, click Done

  5. Click Save. Display & Video 360 generates values for the new tokens.

2. Create Floodlight activities

Only web iframe or image tags work for mobile app conversion tracking with third-party tools. The Google tag is not intended to work for this purpose.

For each event tracker you've created with the third-party service, create a corresponding web (even though it is for mobile tracking) Floodlight activity .  Learn more about creating Floodlight activities

3. Collect information

To link third-party tracking with Floodlight activities, you need four pieces of information:

  • Third-party token value: This is the value you generated in Part 1 above. Use the token to link the advertiser's Floodlight configuration to the third-party service.

    You get this information in Part 1 above, when you enable third-party in-app conversion tracking or add new tokens. Go back to the Basic Details for an advertiser to view the tokens.

  • Values from the Floodlight tag: To link a Floodlight activity to a tracker in a third-party service, you need three values from the Floodlight activity code. Once you've saved the Floodlight activity, you can click the Code tab inside the Floodlight activity in the Resources > Floodlight section of an advertiser, or select multiple Floodlight activities to export the code for each into a spreadsheet. Copy the values for the following variables:

    • src=

    • type=

    • cat=

4. Link third-party event tracking with Display & Video 360

Each third-party service has its own procedure for linking with Display & Video 360 Floodlight activities. Refer to the third party's documentation for the steps you need to take. During that process, you will enter the values you collected in Part 3 above.

5. (Optional) Tie third-party click trackers to app install events

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