Guidelines for mobile creatives

Most creative types are eligible to serve on mobile inventory, as long as they're the right size.

Content requirements

To run on Display & Video 360, all creatives must follow the creative content and policy guidelines.

Asset requirements

File size Creatives can be up to 150 KB on initial load. Additional load must be "polite" and can't exceed 2.2 MB.
Technology If your creative will be hosted on a third-party ad server and is built specifically for mobile devices (requires tapping, swiping, or other mobile interactions), select Requires MRAID in the technology type when you add the tag to Display & Video 360. Display & Video 360 supports all MRAID creative types, including MRAID 3D Cube rich media creatives.
Click type Creatives must click through to a website. Mobile creatives with clicks that start a phone call are not supported.
Animation duration Up to 30 seconds
Autoplay Ads that autoplay audio are prohibited. (Ads that autoplay video are OK, as long as the audio is muted.)
Pop-ups Ads that spawn popups or surveys are prohibited.
Mobile video Mobile video creatives should follow the guidelines for video creatives.
Mobile interstitials
  • File types and formats

    Supported Supported: Image, HTML5, or Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) creative asset

    Not supported Not supported: 0×0 flex creatives served by third-party ad servers

  • Dimensions: The most common interstitial dimensions are 320 × 480 for smartphones and 768 × 1024 for tablets. Be sure to traffic both portrait- and landscape-oriented creatives in the same line item to ensure your line item will be eligible to bid on all interstitial bid requests.

    On Google Ad Manager, creative sizes can fit within a range based on screen dimensions. Display & Video 360 will select the largest eligible creative where possible.

Common creative dimensions


Mobile web Mobile app
300 × 250 320 × 50 (most common)
320 × 50 320 × 480 / 480 × 320*
250 × 250 300 × 250


Mobile web Mobile app
300 × 250 728 × 90
728 × 90 320 × 50
160 × 600 300 × 250
468 × 60 768 × 1024 / 1024 × 768*

* Most common interstitial portrait and landscape dimensions

Standard IAB ad sizes (for example, 728 × 90) can occasionally show on mobile devices.


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