Bulk upload third-party display ad tags

To save time, you can add up to 100 third-party display tags at once. When you bulk upload, you'll provide the same creative details that you enter when you create a single creative in Display & Video 360. There are two ways to do this:

  • Add the tags and creative details directly in Display & Video 360.
  • Download a spreadsheet template, enter creative details, then upload the spreadsheet.

Note: If bulk upload isn't available in your account, ask your account manager to turn this feature on.

Supported creative types

You can only bulk upload display ad tags from third-party ad servers that are supported by Display & Video 360. Third-party VAST tags can't be uploaded in bulk. Instead, add VAST tags one at a time.

Before you begin

If your advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, and you want to add Campaign Manager tracking ads to the tags you're uploading, create the tracking ads first.

If you're not using Campaign Manager tracking ads or the third-party tags were already wrapped with Campaign Manager tracking in your ad server, skip this step.

  • Assign each tracking ad to a placement that has no other tracking ads assigned. (If more than 1 tracking ad is assigned, Display & Video 360 will automatically select the first tracking ad in the placement.) The placement must also be assigned to a site that is set up to sync with Display & Video 360.
  • After you create tracking ads in Campaign Manager, make sure they're active, then wait 4–8 hours for them to sync to Display & Video 360. Otherwise, you'll see errors when you try to upload creatives.

Option 1: Add tags and creative details without a spreadsheet

If you prefer not to create a spreadsheet, you can add your tags, then fill in the required creative details during bulk upload.

  1. Open your advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.
  2. Click New > Bulk add creatives > Third-party.
  3. Click Add creative. An empty creative row is added to the list. Click on the empty fields to add the required creative details.
  4. Repeat step 3 to add up to 100 creatives to the list.
  5. When you're done, review and edit your bulk upload.

Option 2: Create a bulk upload spreadsheet

The bulk upload spreadsheet template allows you to enter all of the creative details at once, then add all the creatives to Display & Video 360 with a single upload.

To create your spreadsheet:

  1. Open an advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.
  2. Click New > Bulk add creatives > Third-party.
  3. Click Download as spreadsheet to download a blank spreadsheet that includes column headers for each creative field in Display & Video 360.
  4. Open the downloaded template and add up to 100 creatives to the spreadsheet. Each row represents a creative. Add a unique creative name, then enter the details for all of the required columns in each row.

    • If the creatives you want to upload are different formats (standard and expandable), separate each format into its own spreadsheet. To mark a creative as expandable, enter an expanding direction.

    • Spreadsheet uploads may time out if they contain more than 100 creative rows. If you need to upload more than 100 creatives, separate them into multiple spreadsheets.

  5. (Optional) Add your own columns to the spreadsheet to track other creative notes and details. Any extra columns will be ignored during upload, as long as all the columns are included and in the same order as in the template.
  6. When your spreadsheet is complete, export it as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding so that Display & Video 360 can process your upload.
  7. Go back to Display & Video 360, click Upload spreadsheet, then select the completed spreadsheet. Or, drag and drop your spreadsheet onto the page.
  8. When you're done, review and edit your bulk upload.

Download a template

The spreadsheet template has different columns based on your ad server configuration. (For example, if your advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, the native site template includes a "CM Tracking Placement ID" column.) If you download the wrong template, you won't be able to upload it. If you're not sure which ad server type you're using, start a new bulk upload in Display & Video 360 and download the template from there.

Templates are in CSV format.

Columns in the spreadsheet template

To bulk upload display tags, your spreadsheet must include the following column headers. For each creative row, you can leave optional columns blank if they're not needed.


These details are required for each creative you include in the bulk upload spreadsheet. Either a landing page URL or a Campaign Manager tracking ad is also required.

Creative name The name of the new creative in Display & Video 360.
Dimensions The width and height of the creative (for example, “300 x 250”).
Third-party tag The third-party display ad tag code.


Landing page URL The web page to direct people to when they click your ad. You must include either a landing page URL or a Campaign Manager tracking ad. This landing page must be a complete and valid URL (for example, "https://www.example.com").
Expanding direction The direction your creative will expand, if it's an expandable creative (for example, “Right”). If your creative doesn't expand, enter “None”. Expanding creatives can't serve on compatible inventory until you set the correct expanding direction. Direction values: None, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up and left, Up and right, Down and left, Down and right, Up or down, Left or right, Any diagonal
Expands on hover For expanding creatives that expand on mouse hover, enter “Yes”, otherwise, enter “No”, or leave blank if the creative doesn't expand.
Requires HTML5 Enter “Yes” if your creative requires HTML5 to render properly.
Requires MRAID Enter “Yes” if your creative relies on mobile gestures for interactivity, such as swiping or tapping.

CM Tracking Placement ID

(Optional: For CM-linked advertisers only)

If your advertiser syncs creatives from Campaign Manager and you want to add a Campaign Manager tracking ad to the Display & Video 360 creative, enter the Campaign Manager placement ID for the tracking ad.

Leave this blank if the tag was already wrapped with Campaign Manager tracking in your third-party ad server.

Integration code A code for use with an external reporting system.
Notes Notes about the creative for your own use.

Review and edit your bulk upload

Review the list of creatives to make sure no details are missing, then click Save.

Display & Video 360 will check each creative for missing or incorrect information. You must correct any errors before you can start the bulk upload. If there are no errors, the bulk upload starts. Each creative takes a few seconds to upload.

Click tracking macros will be added automatically to the creatives depending on which ad server hosts them. See Supported third-party ad servers for more information.

Add or remove creative rows

  • To add a new creative to bulk upload, click Add creative.
  • To remove a creative, select a row and click Delete.

Review and fix errors

If there are any problems with the bulk upload, you'll see an error message.
  • Click Expand to get a detailed list of errors along with row numbers.
  • To download the list of errors as a .txt file, click Download all errors.

Otherwise, the spreadsheet template may have been updated since you first downloaded it.

  1. Download the template again.
  2. Compare the template columns, column names, and column order with your spreadsheet.
  3. Make changes to your spreadsheet to match the new template, or fill out the new spreadsheet from scratch.
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