About channels

Create and target custom groups of related websites or apps

Channels are custom groups of related websites or apps (mobile or connected TV). You can use channels for the following reasons:

  • Inclusion: This is using a channel as a preset, targetable list of brand-appropriate publishers.

  • Optimization: This is using a channel as a preset, targetable list of particularly high-performing publishers.

  • Exclusion: This is using a channel as a preset, excludable list of publishers where you don't want your ads to serve.

Create a new channel

Follow these steps to add a new channel: 

  1. Start by navigating to an advertiser or partner.

    • To create a new partner-level channel, click Channels in the left menu.

    • To create a new advertiser-level channel, click Resources > Channels & Keywords in the left menu. 

  2. Click New channel, then enter all of the websites (by URL) or apps (by app store ID or the name of the app that appears in the App/URL dimension in reporting) you want to add to your new channel. Separate each item with a carriage return.

    1. To include mobile apps, enter the app store ID. 

    2. To include connected TV apps, enter one of the following:

      1. The name of the app as it appears in the App/URL dimension in reporting.

      2. The identifier for the app assigned by the connected TV app store. 

  3. Click Save once you're done adding websites or apps to your channel.

    1. You will be alerted to any problems with the URLs or App IDs you entered.

Target a channel

Once you'e added a new channel, use Apps & URLs to manually target your channel in line items or in insertion orders' default targeting.

Blacklist a channel from your advertiser or partner

Once you've created a channel, you can blacklist it from serving across your partner or advertiser. Blacklist channels are blocked automatically in all of your partner's advertisers, campaigns, insertion orders, and line items (or if set for an advertiser, all entities under that advertiser). 

  1. Start by following the steps above to create a new channel. 

  2. Navigate to your advertiser's or partner's Settings and then Targeting in the left menu. 

  3. Find Channels & URLs and click Edit Edit .

  4. Search for the name of your channel and click Block Block, then click Done.

  5. Save your Settings. 

Also learn how to exclude YouTube placements for your advertiser with targeting for TrueView line items.

Channel suggestions

You can see suggestions to improve your channel by clicking the light bulb icon next to your channel's name in the Channels list. Available channel suggestions also appear in the intelligence panel


Frequently asked questions

How many websites or apps can be in a single channel?

Each channel can contain up to 65,000 total websites, apps, or a combination of websites and apps.

How many channels can I have?

  • Partners can have up to 1,000 channels for targeting, plus up to 10 additional blacklist channels.
  • Advertisers can have up to 1,000 channels for targeting, plus up to 5 additional blacklist channels.

Can I remove a channel?

No. It’s not possible to remove a channel from your Display & Video 360 advertiser or partner.
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