Set up targeting

Target apps, channels, and websites

In Display & Video 360, you can target (or exclude from targeting) channels, apps, and websites in Apps & URLs targeting. Add websites under the URLs tab, or apps under the Apps tab. Add groups of related apps (by category or chart position) from the Collections tab.

Search for apps by name or App / Play store ID. To search for apps by operating system include "iOS", "Android", or "Windows" with the app's name.

Click Add multiple items at once to bulk add websites (by URL) or apps (by App Store or Play Store ID). Each URL or app ID must be separated by a carriage return.


  • Line items can target a combined total of 10,000 individual apps and URLs. To target more than 10,000 apps and URLs in a line item, use channels. 
  • By default, if you target a given website (e.g., and that publisher has a corresponding mobile app, Display & Video 360 will automatically target their mobile app's inventory if it's served on Google Ad Manager. If you only want to target web content, make sure you set your environment targeting accordingly. 
  • If you update targeting to an active line item, a few hours may pass before Display & Video 360 updates your line item's bidding accordingly.

Target channels

A channel is a collection of related websites or apps which can be targeted as a group. After creating a channel, it is available to include (click check mark) or exclude (click no sign) from the Channels tab in Apps & URLs targeting. To add new channels to your Display & Video 360 account, see create a new channel.

You may see advertiser or partner channel blacklists that aren't editable within Apps & URLs targeting. These must be edited from advertiser or partner targeting settings. See blacklisting a channel from your advertiser or partner to learn more.

Target collections

An app collection is a group of related apps that changes dynamically. For example, a collection called "Top selling free weather apps" will always be up to date. There is no need to track the top weather apps, or maintain a manual channel in order to target them.

Under the Collections tab, categories will target different genres of apps in the Google Play or Apple App Store (like racing games). Charts will target apps based on their popularity in the Google Play Store (like top selling apps).

View all targeted channels, collections, URLs, or apps

Click View composite site to see all apps, URLs, collections, or channels that have been included for targeting.

Please note that Display & Video 360 supports two levels of subdirectory targeting (for example,, and up to five levels of subdomain targeting (for example,
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