Set a fixed CPM bid for a line item

In Display & Video 360, the bid price you specify will be used to determine how much Display & Video 360 can spend to win any individual impression for a line item.

Since bid prices are specified in CPM (cost per mille), the actual bid price Display & Video 360 will use will be:

CPM bid / 1000

Thus, if you set a fixed $10 CPM bid, your maximum bid per individual impression would be $0.01 ($10.00 / 1000).


  • The amount you bid determines what impressions you can purchase based only on the media cost of a given impression. Other costs factored into your revenue model, such as fees for using third-party data or any other services, do not affect your line items' bids.  
  • In rare cases, using fixed CPM bids may prevent you from spending your entire budget. If you're concerned about underspending, please raise your bid. 

Automated bidding

Many times a better option than using a fixed CPM bid is to enable automated bidding, which gives Display & Video 360 the ability to dynamically change your line item's bid based on the likeliness that an individual impression is going to perform well.

Frequently asked questions

What's the highest bid I can set? 

The maximum bids you can set are: 

  • $1,000 CPM (USD)
  • $1,000 CPC (USD)
  • $4,000 CPA (USD)
  • $1,000 viewable CPM (USD)
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