Inventory packages

Auction packages are now called inventory packages

Inventory packages are collections of non-guaranteed inventory put together by sellers. Through these packages, sellers may offer exclusive access to their inventory. Inventory packages are available to all buyers on Display & Video 360.

You can discover inventory packages and assign them to your line items by going to Inventory > Marketplace. To view performance statistics for each inventory package after assigning them to your line items, go to Inventory > My Inventory, then choose the Inventory packages tab. 

Consider the following before using inventory packages:

  • The troubleshooter doesn't support inventory packages since they serve as non-guaranteed inventory.
  • Exchanges are allowed up to 500 inventory packages
  • Packages may have inventory from multiple publishers


You must enable exchanges before publishers and inventory packages are visible in the marketplace. Enabling and disabling exchanges affect which inventory source targeting options are available. 

Discover inventory packages

You can browse the available inventory packages in the marketplace when you sign in to your Display & Video 360 account:

  1. In the left navigation, go to Inventory > Marketplace to view featured publishers and inventory packages.
  2. Select one of the following tabs to view available inventory packages by category:
    1. Digital: Includes display & video inventory.
    2. TV: Includes over-the-top video inventory or video on Connected TVs.
      Use Audience list filters against third-party audiences to find packages that better fit your targeting needs.
    3. Audio: Includes audio inventory.
    4. Out of home: Includes digital out of home inventory.
  3. Next to search, select Inventory Packages.  

You can view each inventory package detail by selecting the name link. You can directly assign it to an existing or new line item by choosing Assign to Line Item.

Supporting a more diverse set of publishers and inventory packages

Note: This feature is only available to US advertisers and publishers

We collaborated with exchange partners to introduce a set of attributes in Display & Video 360 to help support historically underrepresented groups. You can highlight publishers and inventory packages in Marketplace belonging to:

  • Black-owned publishers
  • Women-owned publishers
  • Latino-owned publishers

All publishers can opt-in to this program through their exchange partners. 

Important: Display & Video 360 doesn't allow advertisers to personalize ads based on categories such as race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. For more information, go to our personalized advertising policies.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our dedicated support team at

To view inventory packages from underrepresented owners:

  1. From Marketplace, choose the Digital tab.
  2. From the Filter Inventory pane, select Black-, women-, and Latino-owned publishers only.
  3. You can view these publishers and inventory packages indicated by the following icons:
    1.  Black-owned publisher
    2.  Women-owned publisher
    3. Latino-owned publisher

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