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Advertiser identity verification

To increase transparency for users, advertisers will be required to complete an identity verification program. Based on this information, Google will generate a disclosure on any ads you run, displaying your name and country. As part of our phased rollout, certain advertisers may be selected to complete this verification the week of August 28. Because Display & Video 360 adheres to Google Ads policy, you can learn more about this update in the Google Ads Help Center.

Create Custom Bidding scripts using Google Analytics goals

You’ll soon be able to use goals from a linked Google Analytics account to build Custom Bidding scripts. By using a goal with Custom Bidding, you’ll be able to optimize towards metrics from your goal to represent specific user journeys on your site. Before you get started, you’ll need to link your Google Analytics account to your Display & Video 360 advertiser.

Limit attribution models based on viewable impressions

You’ll soon be able to fine tune your Floodlight group attribution models to remove view-through conversions attributed to non-viewable impressions. The attribution model settings will include a new setting that lets you indicate if the model should only look at viewable eligible impressions for attribution. There will also be a setting for the behavior for ineligible impressions.

Nielsen mobile digital ad ratings (mDAR) will soon be available in more countries

Advertisers in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, India, and Canada will soon be able to use Nielsen mobile app measurement (mobile digital ad ratings, aka mDAR). This measurement will be available for both Display & Video 360-bought impressions and direct reservations through Campaign Manager.

Position targeting settings for native inventory coming soon

Position targeting will include options specific to native inventory, allowing you to set targeting based on where an ad is located in relation to other content. The following options will be available: in-feed, in-article, peripheral, recommendation, and unknown. You can use the Position in Content dimension to report on these settings

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