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Create web out-of-page line items

Out-of-page line items make it easier to serve web creatives that do not fit in a traditional banner space or browser window. They may include pop-ups and floating line items and are sometimes called interstitials.

This article covers web line items, not in-app line items.

Out-of-page ad units can only support custom, or DoubleClick tag creatives. If you're using a DoubleClick tag creative, you must ensure that the creative code trafficked on the other end of the DoubleClick tag (i.e., in DCM or another DFP network) is properly coded for an out-of-page ad unit.

To create an out-of-page line item:

  1. Create a new line item.

  2. Select Out-of-page in the 'Inventory sizes' list.

  3. Target the line item to ad units.

  4. Add a custom creative to the line item.

  5. Ensure that the creative code includes the %%VIEW_URL_UNESC%% macro (or %%VIEW_URL_ESC%% macro if the code contains special characters).

    The above macros enable out-of-page line items to be counted only when they are actually played and viewed. Here's an example of the proper implementation:

    <img src=%%VIEW_URL_UNESC%%>

  How are out-of-page line items served?

During the ad serving process, when the browser receives the web page, it then sends an ad request that contains the key-value dcopt=ist to the ad server. The ad server chooses a line item and serves it to the user's browser. If an out-of-page line item is available, the ad server also chooses and serves an out-of-page line item. You can set up one or more out-of-page ad units on a single webpage.

How are out-of-page impressions recorded?

Unlike other line items, out-of-page line items do not record impressions unless the entire creative has been downloaded to the user's computer. In other words, if a user clicks a web page that calls an out-of-page line items from the ad server then closes the line item's window before the out-of-page is fully downloaded to that user's computer, an impression is not recorded.

In order for the ad server to record impressions on out-of-page line items, the creative template must include the %%VIEW_URL_UNESC%% macro (or %%VIEW_URL_ESC%% macro if the template contains special characters) for delayed impression counting to work.

Troubleshooting: Out-of-page line item not generating impressions

Out-of-page line items usually require advanced browser technologies such as Flash plug-ins and DHTML support in order to work properly. Unlike other types of line items, out-of-page line items usually don't have a backup creative. If a user's browser or operating system doesn't support these technologies, or if a user has ad blocking software installed, the line item may not display at all. Since the ad server doesn't record an impression for out-of-page line items until they're fully downloaded to the user's computer, if the user doesn't have the right technology to view the line item, the ad server doesn't record an impression.

Troubleshooting: Out-of-page line item not showing

There are different checks you can to do to determine why an out-of-page line item is not serving as expected.

Frequency cap check

Check the line item's settings to see if it has a frequency cap applied to it. Likewise, check the ad units that the line item is targeting to see if they have frequency caps applied to them.

Website checks

  1. Check that pop-up blockers are not enabled on your browser.

  2. Ensure that the key-value pair dcopt=ist is included in the set of HTML ad tags for each page on which you want to have out-of-page line items deliver.

Creative checks

  1. Test the creative to be sure you can upload and preview it in DFP.

  2. Check that the %%VIEW_URL_UNESC%% macro (or %%VIEW_URL_ESC%% macro if the template contains special characters) is included in the creative code to be sure that the ad server counts impressions.

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