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Inspect a page's delivery and simulate ad requests

Use Google Ad Manager delivery tools to diagnose delivery of an unexpected line item or discover the source of an unknown creative in your web, mobile app, or in-stream video content.

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Diagnose line items

  • Click a line item's Troubleshoot tab to see why a line item didn't deliver over the past 7 days, even though it was eligible for an ad request.
  • Preview creatives associated with a line item to verify that they're displaying and tracking clicks correctly.
  • View the change history for a line item, or other objects throughout Google Ad Manager, to see what updates might have contributed to an issue.

Help me troubleshoot delivery

Verify your tags

Video Suite Inspector
See if the issue is with an VAST tag or with the webpage itself. Check response from VAST tag; Get sample VAST tag. Go there now

Google Ad Manager Tags Generator
Customize and generate ad tags without having to manually edit the code. Go there now

Google Publisher Console
Check for common GPT tagging errors, identify all of the ad units on your webpage, and view delivery diagnostics in Google Ad Manager.

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