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What's new in DFP Query Tool

new Query Tool (beta)
If you’re a DFP and Ad Exchange user, you no longer need to access two products to run your reports.

To improve your reporting experience, and unify two query tools to streamline your workflow, DFP Query Tool now offers the ability to create the same reports that you’ve generated in Ad Exchange, all from within a single query tool.

DoubleClick for Publishers: DFP Reporting, 2017 Midyear Updates

Create a query

  • The functionality to create Reports has been merged into Queries. Go to Reportsand thenReports. Any saved reports will be kept for 40 days and then those reports will disappear.

Ad Exchange reporting in DFP

  • Run Ad Exchange queries in DFP. When you create or edit a query, select the "Ad Exchange historical" report type.
  • You can access your existing Ad Exchange queries from the "Queries > Read Only AdX Queries" menu. To edit and manage your saved queries in DFP, use Make Editable Copy to create a “copy” of your queries into DFP.

Dimensions and metrics

  • Use new pickers for dimensions and metrics. These selectors has been refreshed to provide clearer functionality and easier inquiry of dimensions and metrics.
    • View all dimensions and metrics that you've recently used in reporting. This list makes it much faster for you to create your reports; it shows your commonly-used dimensions. This is the default view for metrics.
    • Mouse over any dimension or metric to view a full tooltip definition to better understand the selections you make.
    • Use Search to find a specific dimension or metric. 

Run or save a query

  • An estimated completion time is displayed on screen as you build your query. You can see how long it'll take to run the query.
  • You can run the query, or save the query.
    • If you click on Run, your report loads and you have the option to Edit the query from the same page. Use the arrow or edit button from the query builder page to switch views (slide up and down) between the builder and the results.

      Animated gif showing the slide up and down functionality in the "Create a query" section of the Query Tool.
    • If you click to Save, your query is preserved and appears on the Queries list page.
  • To see all of the reports you’ve run in a single session, use the history dropdown (displays date, time and report status) on the result page. 
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