Troubleshoot custom creatives in apps (MRAID)

MRAID is an industry standard API for rich media ads running in mobile apps. If you’re using MRAID as a method to expand/collapse banners and handle other situations in your mobile app environment, and are experiencing issues with the creatives, refer to this MRAID documentation to ensure you have correctly implemented our API. If you continue to experience issues with your creatives, you may reference the following troubleshooting tools.

Debug WebViews using the Chrome Remote Debugger (Android Only)

Using the Chrome Remote Debugger, you can use Chrome Developer Tools to debug your WebView content in native Android apps running Android 4.4 or later from a desktop computer within the Chrome web browser:

This requires you to enable WebView debugging from within your app. See this developer documentation for configuration instructions.


In addition to QA testing MRAID ads in the native apps that will be running them, developers can reference the open source IAB WebTester to help ensure you have implemented the MRAID correctly.

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