100% sponsorship not serving every time

This article will help you understand why a sponsorship line item that should be delivered for 100% of impressions for an ad unit may not be delivered every time.

The first step is to ensure that your line item is set up properly. In DFP, ensure that:

  • The line item type is sponsorship

  • The weight is 100%

  • There are no frequency caps

  • Labels are set up properly based on your situation

  • There is no geo-targeting that would prevent this line item from being delivered

  • Key-value targeting is not excluding this ad from serving

If the above settings are correct, the next step is to use Chrome Developer Tools to ensure that a DoubleClick ad call is being made. If you don’t see one, something is preventing the ad call from being made, and thus the correct ad can not serve.

If you do see the ad call, you can use the Google Publisher Toolbar to debug the specific slot to see which line items are in contention for the ad unit and why the sponsorship may be preempted.

If you’re still having trouble, run a query tool report with creative size, targeting, and line item as the dimensions and ad server impressions as the metrics. Be sure to filter this report by the ad unit that should be showing only the sponsorship line item. Once this report is complete, filter the impressions in descending order to see whether other line items are being delivered to this ad unit instead. If they are, check whether:

  • The other line items are sponsorships that have been overweighted (given weights greater than 100%)

  • The other line items have geo-targeting that is affecting line item delivery

  • The other line items have the delivery set to “optional”, not “as many as possible”, which would make the entire roadblock ineligible for delivery

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