Select restricted categories or technologies in Ad Exchange

Restricted categories consist of ads that were previously categorized as non-family safe and were not allowed on pages managed by Ad Exchange. All restricted categories are opted out by default. If you would like to serve ads from these categories, then you have the ability to allow them.

This Ad Exchange feature can also be accessed from within DFP. Learn more about Ad Exchange in DFP.


View the list of restricted categories 

Ad Exchange buyers are allowed to use many Ad technology vendors that use tools such as ad servers, research technologies, and remarketing. All vendors must be explicitly approved to run on Ad Exchange. You can control which ad technologies and video types are allowed on your inventory. Certified ad technologies are opted out by default.

Learn more about our policy on buyers' use of technology vendors, and see vendor details.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange supports verification vendors that block the delivery of an ad when they detect questionable content. If you allow these ad technologies, they’ll unblock buyers that require verification, in turn, you’ll benefit from more demand and higher auction pressure.

The verification and blocking technologies (otherwise known as ad swapping technologies) include:
  • Integral Ad Science (AdSafe Media)
  • comScore AdXpose
  • comScore vCE
  • DoubleVerify BrandShield

The verification vendors support a declared PSA as the alternate creative. Ad Exchange impressions are paid by the buyer when the verification technology decides to serve a PSA.

These technologies default to being disallowed (opted out) unless you change the settings within the Ad Exchange user interface. The next section explains how to opt in to restricted categories and ad technologies.

Opt in to restricted categories or technologies

  1. Click on the Rules tab.
  2. From the sidebar, click Opt-in.
    If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, select Inventory and then Ad Exchange rules and then Opt-In.
  3. Click the appropriate syndication type sub-tab (for example, Display).
  4. Create a new rule or edit an existing one.
  5. Configure the targeting of your inventory.
  6. In the Allow the following area, decide which Restricted categories or Ad technologies you want to allow. 
  7. To add your selections to the “Selected opt-ins” scroll box to the right of the selection area, click allow.
    • The selected category or technology appears highlighted in light green.
    • The "allow" link turns grey and now reads allowed.
    • If you decide to remove a selection, click on the X located to the right of your selection.
  8. Click Save.
Since prioritization does not apply to Opt in rules, when opt in rules overlap targeting the same inventory, all of the rules apply.
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