Traffic custom creatives

A custom creative is based on custom creative code that you add in the form of a snippet, either by cutting and pasting or by adding text files.

Add a custom creative

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Delivery and then Creatives  and then Add creatives.
  3. Begin typing to search for the advertiser whose creative you're adding. Each creative is associated with one advertiser.
  4. When you've found the right advertiser, click Continue.
  5. Click Custom.
  6. Enter a name for the creative.
  7. Select whether to add a code snippet for standard ads, AMPHTML ads, or both.
  8. Enter the code snippet of the creative. You can either paste the snippet into the "Code snippet" box or optionally use the Upload files field to upload a file that contains the code snippet.

    If you're creating AMPHTML ads:

    1. You can start with the template that appears or replace it with a fully formed, valid AMP document. Learn more.
    2. Click Validate after adding your code to verify it’s a proper AMPHTML ads document. Note that all code and referenced resources must be SSL.
  9. Insert click, cachebusting, and file macros into the code snippet by positioning your cursor in the appropriate places in the snippet and clicking the button for the macros you want to insert. Learn more about macros
  10. (Optional) Enter a Click-through URL for your creative's landing page.
  11. Select the Target ad unit size where the creative should deliver.
  12. (Optional) Enter multiple Third-party impression tracking URLs Beta.
    These are the URLs of third-party tracking services. The trackers are pinged when the creative appears and can contain DFP macros. Note that these URLs are not supported for creatives with an actual size of "Out-of-page."
  13. Click Save.
If you've selected a creative for upload that doesn't match the ad unit size you specified, you'll receive an error message when you save. Select Allow creative size to differ from ad unit size to resize the ad unit. (For example, if you upload a 400x400 creative to a 300x250 ad unit, DFP will accommodate the larger creative. Or, if you upload a 200x200 creative to the same ad unit, the creative would only occupy 200x200 pixels on your page.)

Traffic AMPHTML ads custom creatives

You can create AMPHTML ads custom creatives in DFP. These creatives are specifically built for your AMP content and load faster than standard HTML ads within AMP pages.

AMPHTML ads enable publishers, marketers, and technology providers to deliver faster, lighter, and more secure ad experiences across all platforms by applying the principles of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to building and serving ads.

How AMPHTML ads custom creatives work

Custom creatives are based on HTML code snippets that you provide. Within one custom creative, you can add code snippets for:

  • Standard HTML: Produces only the standard version of a creative.
  • AMPHTML: Produces only the AMPHTML ads version of a creative.
  • Both AMPHTML and standard HTML: Can produce either version of the creative.

Which creative version will serve?

The code type you select, along with the types of pages you’re serving ads to, will determine the version of custom creative that will serve.

If creative wrappers are eligible to serve in the ad slot, but no AMP wrappers are available, DFP will always serve a standard ad. Learn more.

When serving ads to AMP pages:

Custom creative HTML code type Creative served
Only standard HTML Standard ad
Both AMPHTML and standard HTML AMPHTML ad

When serving ads to all other environments:

Custom creative HTML code type Creative served
Only standard HTML Standard ad
Only AMPHTML None (this will change in a future release)
Both AMPHTML and standard HTML Standard ad

If a creative is only eligible to serve in an AMP environment, it is only considered for AMP traffic when running forecasts. 

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