Test uploaded creatives

To test a creative:

  1. In your DoubleClick for Publishers account, click the Delivery tab.

  2. Click the order and the line item containing the creative you'd like to view.

  3. Click the Creatives tab.

  4. Click the appropriate creative.

  5. If your creative doesn't appear properly on the preview page, click 'Open in new window' to preview your creative in a new window. (This is sometimes necessary for rich media creatives.)

  6. If applicable, test the landing page by clicking the creative or the destination URL above the preview.


  • URLs should lead directly to the landing page.

  • Creatives using click macros should lead to a temporary page for roughly five seconds before redirecting to the landing page. If you don't see the intermediate page, DoubleClick for Publishers didn't receive the click (clicks aren't recorded in the testing environment). Verify the implementation of the click macro.
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