Connect to Google Analytics

Visualize Google Analytics in Data Studio.

Google Analytics gives you insights into how visitors find and use your website, app, or internet-connected device. You can use Data Studio to visualize the same data that is available in Analytics custom reporting.

You can apply Universal Analytics ("Web") Analytics segments to your Data Studio reports, as well as see whether and how your data is being sampled. See Related resources below for more information.

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How to connect to Google Analytics

You can connect Data Studio to Universal Analytics ("Web") reporting views, and to Google Analytics 4 properties.

To connect

You must have at least Read & Analyze permission to the Google Analytics 4 property or Universal Analytics view to which you connect.

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. In the top left, click Create, then select Data Source.
  3. Select the Analytics connector.
  4. If prompted to grant Data Studio access to your account, click AUTHORIZE.
  5. Select an account.
  6. Select a property.
  7. To connect to Universal Analytics ("Web"), select a view.
  8. In the upper right, click CONNECT.
    1. The data source fields panel appears.
    2. The data source is now connected to your data set.

Configure the data source

The data source fields panel is where you configure the data source by renaming fields and adding descriptions, adding calculated fields, and changing data types and aggregations. Learn more about working with data source fields.

Control who sees the data

At the top of the fields panel, you can change the data credentials. Credentials control who can see the data provided by this data source.

OWNER'S CREDENTIALS lets other people view or create reports that use this data without requiring them to have their own access to the data set.

VIEWER'S CREDENTIALS, on the other hand, requires each user of the data source to provide their own credentials to access the data set.

Learn more about data credentials.

Create a new report from the data source

  1. In the upper right, click CREATE REPORT.
    1. The report editor appears.
  2. Click ADD TO REPORT.
    1. This adds the data source to report.
    2. You can now create charts and controls that get their data from this data source.

New to Data Studio?

Take the Create a report tutorial. Or learn more about the report editor.

What data is available from Google Analytics?

For Universal Analytics ("Web") connections

You can use Data Studio to visualize a subset of the dimensions and metrics that are available via the Google Analytics Reporting API. The Google Analytics connector does not provide access to multi-channel funnels or real-time data.

The sampling rate for the provided data depends (in part) on the date range: when the range does not include today, the connector returns the highest possible level of precision, with the lowest level of sampling. When the range includes today, the highest level of sampling is applied.

Google Analytics 360 customers get the same level of processing as available in Google Analytics.

Want to use this data source with different accounts? Try adding a data control.

The data control gives report viewers a way to select the account that provides the data they want to see in a report. This can eliminate the need to create separate reports and data sources for your various accounts. Learn more.

For Google Analytics 4 connections

Labs Feature

Connecting to Google Analytics 4 properties is a Labs feature.

We are actively working to improve the feature, so you can expect this feature to change rapidly, and there may be some rough edges. See below for more information.

To give us feedback, click the button below to post to the Data Studio Help Forum. Include "Google Analytics 4" in your subject line.

Send feedback


You can use Data Studio to visualize the fields available in the Google Analytics App+Web reporting API. These APIs are currently in trusted tester beta (to become a trusted tester, sign up here).

Limits of the Google Analytics 4 connector

  • Currently, the data control doesn't work with Google Analytics 4 properties.
  • To use Google Analytics to measure usage of your Data Studio reports, you must use a Universal Analytics property.
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