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Marketplace Agency Account Migration FAQ


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What's changing for my Cloud Billing account?

Beginning August 2023, Google Cloud Marketplace is transitioning to the Agency model for marketplace services for US partners and US customers. As part of this change, the remittance information will be updated on your Google Cloud-issued invoices.

This change is visible on your invoice for the month of August 2023 (available in September 2023).

Will there be a pricing change? 

There will be no pricing change due to this transition. Only the remittance information is changing.

Please be sure to send payments using the new remittance information, or there will be a delay in closing your outstanding invoices. This information is already available on your invoice.

What should I expect as a result of this change?

If you are a Terms customer and pay for your usage using a monthly invoice, then your invoices include new remittance information. Please make sure to send payments using the new remittance information, or there will be a delay in closing your outstanding invoices. Learn about making a payment for Cloud invoices.

If you are an Online (self-serve) customer and you are charged automatically every month, then your current payment methods (credit card or direct debit, as applicable) don’t change, and no action is needed from your end. You might notice a change in credit card processing forms from Google LLC to Google Payment Corp.

What action do I need to take?

As part of this transition, you are required to make your invoice payments with the new remittance information. This information is already available on your August invoice (issued in September).

Can I still use services in any region?

Yes. All Google Cloud regions will continue to be available to you.

When are the changes effective? 

These changes are effective on August 1, 2023. You can view the updated remittance information in your August invoice, which is issued in September 2023.

What is Google Payment Corp.?

Google Payment Corp. is an affiliate of Google LLC and Google LLC’s authorized assignee for the collection of invoiced amounts under your Google Cloud agreement.

I received an email, but it doesn't have the new remittance information

The new Google Cloud remittance information is included on your August 2023 invoice (which is issued in September 2023). We recommend that you use the remittance information on your invoice.

When should I send payments to Google Payment Corp.?

Payments should be made to Google Payment Corp bank accounts beginning September 2023. Invoices issued before September 1 (invoices for July 2023 or earlier) should be paid using the remittance information (Google LLC) shown on those invoices. Any payment made for older invoices to the new bank account may delay closing your outstanding invoices.

Will payments be declined if I send a payment to Google LLC after September 2023?

You can make payments using the old remittance information for Google LLC. However, this might delay the closing of your invoices.

Can I make a payment to Google Payment Corp. before September 2023?

You must make payments to the new bank account only invoices issued in September 2023 or later.

Can I make invoice payments using the new remittance information (Google Payment Corp.) if I have an open July invoice (issued in August) and a new remittance information on August invoice (issued in September)?

We recommend that you follow the instructions in your invoice. Your July 2023 invoice (issued in August) should be paid separately from your August 2023 invoice (issued in September).

I have other Google services (like Google Workspace) that I am billed for on a monthly basis. Do I need to pay those invoices with the new remittance information?

No. This new remittance information is applicable to only Google Cloud services. For other services, follow the instructions in the respective invoices to make your payment.

I am concerned about paying a separate entity, Google Payment Corp, when my contract states that I am supposed to pay Google LLC.

Google Payment Corp. is authorized to collect payment on these invoices on behalf of Google LLC. Your payment to Google Payment Corp. of the invoiced amounts fully satisfies your payment obligation to Google for such amounts.

Where can I get support?
If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact Google Cloud Billing Support for Google Cloud account or contact Google Workspace Billing Support for Google Workspace account.

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