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Your Chrome device offers special web browsing key functions to help you quickly find what you need on the web.

Shortcut keys

If you're using a Chromebook, its keyboard contains a new row of shortcut keys at the top. For people using a Chromebox, these keys correspond to function keys on regular keyboards.

The information below represents general guidelines. Depending on your device model, some keys may differ or not be available.

previous page Go to the previous page in your browsing history
next page Go to the next page in your browsing history
reload page Reload your current page
full screen Open your page in full-screen mode
overview mode Switch to your next window
decrease brightness Decrease screen brightness
increase brightness Increase screen brightness
mute Mute
decrease volume Decrease the volume
increase volume Increase the volume
search key Search the web from the address bar. Note: This key is located on the side, where you'd normally find the Caps Lock key. If you're using a Chromebox, this key corresponds to the Windows key on a regular keyboard.

Helpful keyboard shortcuts

We've listed just a few shortcuts here. To see a map of all available shortcuts, press Ctrl+Alt+?.

Page upPress Alt and the up arrow
Page downPress Alt and the down arrow
HomePress Ctrl+Alt, and the up arrow
EndPress Ctrl+Alt, and the down arrow
Toggle the bookmark barCtrl+Shift+B
Search your current webpageCtrl+F
Open a new tabCtrl+T
Open a new windowCtrl+N
Open the link you clicked in a new background tabPress Alt and click a link
Switch to your next tabCtrl+Tab
Switch to your next windowAlt+Tab
Sign out of your Google AccountCtrl+Shift+Q
Close your current tabCtrl+W

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