Report data freshness and availability

How long it takes to get reporting data, and how long it's available

Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 are designed to give you up-to-date, accurate data about your campaigns.

Data freshness

Impression and click data is updated every 3-4 hours, conversion data roughly every 6 hours, and cross-environment conversion data every 24 hours.

Data processing time

Google takes data integrity seriously. In most cases, data is processed quickly. However, there are rare occasions when additional data becomes available later because of complex processing issues.

Campaign Manager 360 continues to add data within 7 days to ensure that data is included in reports as accurately as possible. Display & Video 360 can update data for up to 31 days. For both, this includes evaluating clicks, impressions, and conversions to confirm their validity

Data availability

How long data is available in reports depends on the type of data.

Campaign Manager 360

Data availability Data type
24 months

Most Campaign Manager 360 reporting data including:

  • Reach / Unique Reach reports, though they can only have 93 days of cumulative data. For full data availability date, month, or year dimension(s) must be included.
60 days Floodlight reports
Multi-Channel Funnels reports*
Path to Conversion (P2C) reports
31 days Keyword data 
30 days Full Path & Path Attribution reports

*May include data older than 60 days.

Display & Video 360

Data availability Data type
24 months

Most Display & Video 360 reporting data including:

98 days
30 days

Dimensions and metrics

Data availability of specific dimensions and metrics can vary. The offline reporting interface will let you know via a warning or error if a given combination of date range, metrics, and dimensions is incompatible. 

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