Mark a location Temporarily closed

If your business or any of its locations temporarily closes or is seasonal, you can help your customers stay up to date across Google.

Marking a business as temporarily closed helps ensure that when customers search for a business by name, they'll find it and understand it's only closed temporarily. This may prevent cases where people visit a business in person and are disappointed to discover it's closed.

When to mark your business as Temporarily closed

Important: Businesses that offer pickup or delivery services should not mark their business as "Temporarily closed." Otherwise, those services won't show on Google.

Use “Temporarily closed” if your business:

  • Will stay closed for 7 or more days in a row, or
  • Will be closed for an unknown period of time

Businesses that are temporarily closed may rank after open businesses for broad queries. This ranking doesn’t happen for more specific queries, including queries for a specific business, or for queries when many matching businesses are temporarily closed.

When to use Special hours & More hours

You can let your customers know about changes in your business hours or when certain services are available.

  • Set “Special hours” if your business:
    • Temporarily adjusts its hours of operation, or
    • Remains closed for 6 days in a row or less

Learn how to set Special hours.

  • Set “More hours” if your business:
    • Has different hours for specific services it offers

Learn how to set More hours.

Update one location

To make your profile appear as temporarily closed on Google Maps and Search:

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Info.
  3. To the right, point to the section “Close this business on Google.”
    • To expand this section you might need to click the arrow.
  4. Click Mark as temporarily closed.

Update multiple locations

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business.
  2. From the list of locations, select all locations that you want to mark temporarily closed.
  3. On the toolbar near the top, click Actions and then Temporarily closed.
  4. Click More More ​​and then Mark as temporarily closed.
  5. In the dialog that appears, click Mark temporarily closed.
The locations will now appear as temporarily closed on Google Maps and Search.

Locations reported as closed

If Google receives an update that a location is temporarily closed, you may get a “Reported as temporarily closed” notification. 

To confirm, tap Reported as temporarily closed and then Confirm closed.

The location is marked as temporarily closed on Google Maps and Search.

Tip: If any of your locations are mistakenly marked permanently closed, you can reopen the location.
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