Sign up for a Business Profile for a car dealership

To own your dealership Business Profile on Google Search and Maps, you need a Google account to manage your Business Profile and then you can claim your dealership profile. We suggest that you review your verification options before you claim your Business Profile.

Make one Business Profile for a car dealership

  1. On your computer, open Business Profile Manager.
  2. At the top right, click Start now.
  3. If you already use any Google services, sign in to your Google Account. You can use your dealership email to create a Google Account, for example:
  4. If you serve customers at your business address, select Yesand then Next.
  5. Enter your dealership's name and click Next.
    • If business suggestions appear as you type, you can select your dealership from the list.
  6. Enter your dealership’s address and click Next. You can also place a business marker for your dealership on a map.
    • If you serve customers outside your business address, you can list your service areas.
  7. Select a business category and click Next.
    Tip: We recommend the categories “Car dealer” for sales, “Car service” for maintenance, and “Auto parts business” for parts sales.
  8. Enter your dealership’s primary phone number or website URL.
    Tip: To create a website, you can use your Business Profile.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. If you’re not authorized to manage the profile, find an authorized person in your organization to complete verification.
    • To verify your connection to the dealership now, select your verification option.
    • To verify at another time, click Verify laterand thenLater. You must verify your dealership profile before you can manage it.
  11. If someone owns the dealership profile, you can request ownership of the profile.

Make more Business Profiles for a car dealership

Car dealerships can have multiple Business Profiles on Google.

  • All car dealerships can have a profile for the dealership itself and more profiles for their departments, like sale, parts, or services.
  • New-car dealerships can also have a profile for each brand of new cars sold.
  • Used-car dealerships can't have profiles per brand of cars sold. Used-car brands can change frequently.

Create a new profile

To add profiles for each brand of new cars sold, create a new profile. To add profiles for departments within a dealership, use the name of your dealership with the department name and create a new profile. Learn how to create a profile.

Contact us

When your profiles are verified, contact support to have your service department labeled as within your dealership. Contact us.

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