Register your agency for Business Profiles

Agencies can register directly with Google and receive exclusive benefits. Registered agencies can enjoy more robust account management options and Google support that’s tailored to their needs.

Google My Business Agency Dashboard Overview

Benefits of registering

When you register your agency with Google, the benefits include:

  • Google support that’s focused on agency-specific needs.
  • Account structure that’s designed for third parties to manage all their profiles under one account.
  • Ability to create user groups to manage teams within your agency.
  • New and improved process to manage invitations via your agency dashboard.

Get started

To start the registration process:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Start now.
  3. Follow the instructions to register. (You'll need a new Google account that doesn't own any profiles.)

Get organized

Once you register your agency, you can easily structure your team and profiles more efficiently from your agency dashboard. Here’s an overview of new agency-related concepts:

  • Organization: This is the top level profile that's associated with your agency.
  • User group: A group to manage users within your agency. User groups can only be created by organization users and can be given permission to manage business groups.
  • Business group: A set of locations managed by a user group or organization. Business groups can only be created by organization users

Here are 5 steps to effectively organize your agencies' locations and users:

  1. Register your agency with the use of a Google account that doesn't contain any locations or business groups.
  2. Create a business group to manage locations. You can create more than one business group.
  3. Get access to your customers' locations
  4. Create user groups to give people in your organization access to specific business groups. Invite users to join your new user groups.
    • Note: Users can only join a user group if they don't have any locations or business groups in their account. If there are locations in their account, users will need to remove access to any locations and business groups before accepting the invite.
  5. If you already manage locations and locations under other Google accounts, migrate them to your organization account.
Get help from Small Business Advisors

Want to receive one-on-one guidance and tailored recommendations on how to make the most out of your Business Profile? Try booking an appointment with Small Business Advisors.

Important: This service cannot troubleshoot issues, including Business Profile verification or suspension, or Google Ads billing.

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