Request access to a bulk location

In order to manage a location that has already been verified by another user, you will need to request access from the current verified owner.

Requesting access to a location that you don’t currently manage is particularly important for upgraded users; after upgrade, locations are limited to one verified owner. If another user has verified this local business on Google, you may see the status owner conflict in your account. Any updates you make to this location won’t be submitted.

  • Upgraded users should follow the steps below to request access directly from the bulk upload tool.
  • If you don’t see these options in your account, you can request access from the troubleshooter using the steps outlined below.

Only the verified owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights. To request ownership, you must first request management access, then wait for the owner to accept your invitation. Only the verified owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights.

Request access via the Locations tool

Important: You must be an existing manager of the page for at least two weeks before you can request ownership transfer.

To request access or ownership transfer:

  1. Visit Google My Business Locations
  2. Click on the location you’d like to manage. You’ll see a grey box with options under Owner Conflict.
  3. Click on request management.
  4. Fill out the form, indicating the level of access you are seeking: owner, manager, or communications manager.
  5. Check the box to allow your contact information to be shared with the current owner (optional).
  6. Click Submit.

Once you get management access to a location, you can copy over information from the duplicate location in your account and remove the duplicate in your account.

Request access via help center

If you don’t see this feature in the bulk upload tool yet, you can still let us know if there is another verified user for your business. You must be logged in to see the contact form; please use your verified Google account.

In order to facilitate ownership requests, we do need your consent to share your Google and official business email addresses with the current owner of the local business on Google. We can also pass a message on to the current Google owner and ask them to contact you directly to agree who should own and manage business information.

If the owner does not reply to you after one week, or if you are confident that the current owner will not receive the message from us, simply reply to let us know and a support specialist will follow up.

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