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How to add or edit your business address for your Business Profile

Manage your business

To help customers accurately locate your business on Google Maps and Search, enter your business address in your Business Profile. You can also set the pin position for your business location.

The business address you use shows publicly on your profile. If you don't serve customers at your business address, leave the address field blank and list your service area instead.

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Address guidelines

To verify your business, you must enter a business address that Google can locate. Make sure your address follows the address guidelines so we can accurately display it. Keep in mind:

  • Make sure you enter the complete and exact street address for your location. For example: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043. 
  • Include suite numbers, floors, building numbers, and other types of unit information. 
  • Only include information that’s part of your official address. Include information like cross-streets and nearby landmarks only in regions where the official street address doesn’t accurately pinpoint your location. For example, avoid "Corner of Main St. and Washington Ave." or "Across from Central Park."

For addresses without a street number, or if the system can't find an address entered correctly: You can pin your business location directly on the map.

Add or edit your address on Search
  1. On your computer, sign in to the Google Account you used to sign up for your Business Profile.
  2. To find your Business Profile, search on Google for your exact business name. You can also search for “my business.”
  3. To open your Business Profile, near the top, click Edit profile and then Business information.
  4. Near the top, select the “Location” tab. 
  5. Scroll to "Location and areas." Next to "Business location," click Edit Edit.
    • Scroll to “Location and areas.” Next to “Business location,” tap Edit Edit.
    • To enter the address: Click Add address. After Business Profile Manager opens, enter your address information. Make sure to follow the guidelines.
    • To edit the address: Enter your address information. Then, Click Save.
    • To adjust your pin location: Click Adjust. Move the map so the pin points to your business location. Then, click Done and then Save.
    • To remove the address: You can remove an address on the Business Profile Manager.
  6. If we can't find your address, a warning shows up and the text box with an issue is highlighted red. Re-enter parts of the address that are highlighted red.
    • If we still can’t find your address, set the pin location of your business and save your changes
Tip: Edits pending review usually take 24-48 hours to be reviewed, but may sometimes take longer.
Remove your address on Business Profile Manager

Important: If you remove your business address, your Business Profile only shows your service area. If you haven't entered a service area, a local area will be chosen for you by default. You can then edit it as needed.

  1. Sign in to manage your Business Profile.
    • If you have multiple profiles, open the one you want to manage. 
  2. From the menu, click Info.
  3. Click the Address field Location.
  4. Click Clear address and then Apply.
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