Edit incorrect Street View imagery for your business

Manage your business

You can review the Street View for your business, if it's available, in Google Maps. Sometimes these images aren't accurate. If the Street View of your business needs an update, you can:

  • Change the map marker for your business to associate it with different Street View imagery
  • Or, add your own Street View imagery with the Street View app.

Edit incorrect Street View imagery

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. Select Edit profile and then Business information.
    • Tip: On your desktop, with Google Search, select Edit profile.

  3. Near the top, select the Location tab.
  4. Next to 'Business location', select the pencil icon Edit.
  5. To adjust your location, select Adjust.
  6. Drag the pin to the correct business location.
  7. Select Done and then Save.

You can’t preview the new Street View imagery from your Business Profile, but you can return to Google Maps to find how your change affected the imagery.

Add new Street View imagery

Learn more about Street View.

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