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Manage an unverified, suspended, or private profile on Search & Maps

If you own or manage a business that appears on Google Search or Maps, you may be asked to:

  • Finish the verification process 
  • Claim ownership of the Business Profile
  • Resolve the issues that cause the Business Profile to be suspended or disabled


Important: If your Business Profile is suspended or disabled, to make edits for reinstatement, use Business Profile Manager in a browser or click Edit Info on Search or Maps.

If your business is verified, the Business Profile is publicly available and visible to you and other users. Whether or not your business is verified, you can manage your profile on Search and Maps.

  • To find your Business Profile in the Maps app, tap Account Circle Account circle and then Your Business Profile.
  • To find your Business Profile on Search, search for “my business” or your exact business name.


  • If your profile isn’t publicly visible, it won’t show up in Search when you search for the business name.
  • Business Profile Manager may indicate a different status from Search or Maps. Business Profile Manager displays the most current data. It may take up to 24 hours for Search or Maps to update.
    • For example, Business Profile Manager might indicate “verified,” but Search indicates “not verified.”

Why can’t customers find my Business Profile on Search & Maps?

When your Business Profile is unverified or suspended, your profile may or may not be visible to customers:

  • If your Business Profile is already visible in Search and Maps, it stays visible even if you aren’t verified. Once you’re verified, you can manage the profile. 
  • If your profile never existed on Search and Maps and you attempt to create it, it won’t be visible until you complete the verification process. 

Why do I get options to manage a Business Profile?

There are a few reasons you may be prompted to manage your Business Profile on Search and Maps:

  1. You tried to claim a Business on Search or Maps and never completed verification for your Business Profile: The profile suggests you finish verification. To start or complete verification, follow the instructions on the profile.

Learn how to verify your business on Google.

  1. You own or manage a duplicate Business Profile for an existing business that’s already live on Search and Maps: The profile suggests you claim ownership of the business. To claim ownership, follow the instructions on the profile.

Learn how to request ownership of the Business Profile.

  1. You own or manage a Business Profile that’s Suspended or Disabled: When you request reinstatement for your Business Profile, you may have to provide your Business Profile URL on Business Profile Manager. To provide this URL, you must sign in to manage your Business Profile. You can also provide your Business Profile ID by navigating to Advanced Settings on your Business Profile.

Learn how to fix suspended Business Profiles.

I don't want to manage the Business Profile

You can add or remove other owners and managers from a profile, or remove a business from the Google Account you use to manage your Business Profile.

Transfer profile management

To manage the business completely, new owners and managers must complete verification, claim ownership, or fix suspension and profile disablement.

Learn how to add other owners and managers.

Remove a business from your Google Account

Important: The business is only removed from your account, not from Google Maps or Search. It’s still visible to the public.

If you remove the Business Profile from your account, you no longer get options to manage it on Search and Maps. 

Tip: It may take up to 24 hours for the option to manage the profile to disappear after you remove the Business Profile.

Learn how to remove the Business Profile from your account.

To remove the business from Search or Maps and stop public visibility, you must do one of the following before you can mark the business as permanently closed

  • Follow the instructions on the profile to complete verification 
  • Claim ownership
  • Fix suspended or disabled profiles
Tip: You can also submit a request to remove a business from Maps, which our team will review. If approved, the business is removed from Maps.

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