How to set business hours or mark a closure

To keep your customers up to date, you can update your Business Profile on Google with your business’s main hours or its extended closure. 

If your business or any of its locations closes, you can choose whether it’s permanently or temporarily closed. You can also easily reopen a business that’s marked as closed.

Important: Businesses that offer pickup or delivery services should not mark their business as "Temporarily closed." Otherwise, those services won't show up on Google.

Important: You can’t manage a business marked “Permanently closed” on Search and Maps. You must use the web app to reopen your business.

Mark a business temporarily or permanently closed

Update your Business Profile so that it displays as “Temporarily closed” or “Permanently closed” on Google Maps and Search.

Tip: If your business will close temporarily for longer than 7 days, or is a seasonal business that closes for the off-season, mark it as “Temporarily closed.”

Close multiple businesses
  1. On your computer, sign in to Business Profile Manager.
  2. From the list of businesses, select all businesses that you want to mark “Temporarily closed” or "Permanently closed."
  3. On the top toolbar, click Actions. Then, select either Mark as temporarily closed or Mark as permanently closed.
  4. In the dialog, select Mark as temporarily closed or Mark as permanently closed.

Reopen a business

Important: If your business was marked permanently closed as part of a location or name change, don't reopen the business. Instead, add a new business.

When you reopen your business, your profile is no longer marked temporarily or permanently closed on Google Maps and Search.

Open multiple businesses
  1. On your computer, sign in to Business Profile Manager.
  2. From the list of locations, select the locations you want to mark "Open."
  3. On the toolbar near the top, click Actions and then Open.
  4. In the dialog, click Mark as open.

Your business is reported as closed

If Google receives an update that a location is temporarily closed, you may get an email notification. 

Tip: If any of your businesses are mistakenly marked permanently closed, you can reopen the location.

Guidelines for temporary changes to your business

When to mark your business as Temporarily closed

Marking a business as temporarily closed it helps ensure that when customers search for a business by name, they'll find it and understand it's only closed temporarily. This may prevent cases where people may visit a business in person and are disappointed to discover it's closed.

Use “Temporarily closed” if your business:

  • Will stay closed for 7 or more days in a row, or
  • Will be closed for an unknown period of time

Businesses that are temporarily closed may rank after open businesses for broad queries. This ranking doesn’t happen for more specific queries, including queries for a specific business, or for queries when many matching businesses are temporarily closed.

Tip: If your business will be closed for 6 or fewer days, set Special hours.

When to use Special hours & More hours

You can let your customers know about changes in your business hours or when certain services are available.

Set “Special hours” for days when you have unusual hours, like holidays or special events. You should set special hours when your business:

  • Temporarily adjusts its hours of operation, or
  • Remains closed for 6 days in a row or fewer

Set “More hours” for businesses that provide specific services with differing times, like senior hours, or delivery and takeout hours.

Changes to hours creates updates on your Business Profile

After you update your hours or reopen your business, customers will find:

  • On your Business Profile: A message that confirms your recent update. 
  • On the Updates tab of your profile on mobile devices: A post that confirms you made a change to your hours.

To give more information about your updated hours: Edit the post.

To remove the hours update message and the post: Delete the associated post.

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