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  • Google Play partners can sell ebooks in certain countries/regions. The features described here aren't available in every country/region. Currently, selling audiobooks on Play is available to some partners. Google isn’t currently accepting new audiobook partners. Check back for updates.
  • Pre-orders allow customers to order, but not read, your book before its release date. On the release date, customers who pre-ordered your book are charged for the purchase and they gain access to the book.
  • Due to regulatory requirements, Google can't offer pre-orders in India. Your book will open in the Play Store in India on the on-sale date.

Important: If you missed an expected payment, sign in to the Book Partner Center and go to the Payment Center. To find alerts about issues that prevent payments, edit each payment profile.

To receive payments:

Payment methods

To specify the bank account where you'd like to receive your earnings, set up a payment profile.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly deposits your Google Play earnings to your bank account. EFT is the Google-recommended payment method, and deposits are made in the local currency of the bank account you specify.

Wire transfer

For bank accounts in some countries, Google makes deposits through wire transfer in US dollars. To check if your country receives payments by wire transfer, refer to the list of countries supported for payment.

At this time, Google doesn't offer alternative payment methods for sales revenue for books on Google Play.

Payment schedule

Important: Google doesn't make payments on weekends or on bank holidays. Your bank may take up to 3 additional business days to register the payment in your account. To learn more about your bank's turnaround time for electronically deposited funds, contact your bank representative.

You can find Google’s obligations on how to pay your share of sales revenue in the Google Editions Addendum or the Google Books and Google Play Books Agreement. If your bank account is verified and you have a minimum balance, Google will initiate a payment on the 15th day of each month, or on the next business day, which varies by region. This payment is based on any financial transactions, such as sales, refunds, or chargebacks, which occurred during the previous calendar month.

Minimum balance for payment

Payments made through wire transfer require a balance of at least $100 USD. Learn more about wire transfers.

The minimum balance for EFTs varies on the currency of the payment. For payments made in US dollars, the minimum amount is $1.00 USD. Minimum amounts for other currencies are in a similar range. To check this amount, visit the Payment Center, edit your payment profile, then check the threshold listed by the payment schedule.

If you have multiple payment profiles, you'll receive a separate payment for each profile, subject to its own minimum payment amount.


Earnings reports are generated on a monthly basis. Learn how to access and read earnings reports.

Tax information for European partners

Google's VAT number may be required for tax filing purposes.

  • Google Ireland's VAT number: IE6388047V
  • Google Ireland's full name and address:
    Google Ireland,
    Gordon House,
    Barrow Street,
    Dublin 4,

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