Roadmap for using AppSheet

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Create apps icon  Create apps

Create your app by using your own data, an idea, or a sample template. Customize your app to:

When you're ready, test, deploy and share apps with your users.

Create apps

Automation icon  Automate

Easily automate common business processes and document-based workflows.


Expression icon  Build expressions

Build simple or complex expressions to define the logic (rules and conditions) used to present data or control the operation of your app.

Build expressions

Manage and monitor icon  Manage & monitor

Manage and monitor your apps, including branded apps, and manage governance policies for app design consistency and compliance. Also check out the AppSheet FAQ for the IT department.

Manage & monitor

Optimize icon  Optimize
Optimize app performance and reliability and learn how to scale your app to large data sets. Understand limits on data, table, and app definition size, and the supported devices and browsers.


Teams icon  Manage organization and teams

Manage and monitor your team, share resources or transfer apps between team members, configure team settings, such as app creation restrictions and public app owner, view security details, and export team audit logs to BigQuery.

Manage team

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