Google Analytics 360 Beta (Universal Analytics contracts)

This article is for 360 users who are on Universal Analytics contracts, using Google Analytics 4 properties in Beta. If you are a 360 user on a Google Analytics 4 contract, read this article instead.

For downgrading Universal Analytics properties, and other 360 products generally, to standard, refer to Downgrading from 360 to standard.

For downgrading Google Analytics 4 properties to standard, refer to the Upgrading/downgrading to/from 360 section of this article.

Given the recent suspension of Google advertising systems in Russia, we’ll be pausing the creation of new Russian 360 accounts on Analytics and Tag Manager. Additionally, we will pause ads on Google properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia.

The program

To date, Google has made available standard Google Analytics 4 (formerly "App + Web") properties to both Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 users who have signed the App + Web addendum and who have signed a Universal Analytics 360 contract. We have been working on a premium version of these Google Analytics 4 properties and invite you to participate in this beta program to preview our future Google Analytics 360 offering.

Under this beta you will have the opportunity to upgrade your existing Google Analytics 4 properties to Google Analytics 360. The number of Google Analytics 4 properties that you can upgrade to 360 is equal to the number of your Universal Analytics 360 properties as of the beginning of September 2022.

This beta and the expanded Google Analytics 360 limits apply to Google Analytics 4 property data. This program will not otherwise involve any of your existing Analytics 360 properties.

There are no service-level agreements with this beta.

We expect to offer this beta through July 1, 2024, but Google reserves the right to withdraw or otherwise revise the program and its offerings.

360 feature limits

Google Analytics 360 provides higher limits for Google Analytics 4 property data collection, reporting, retention, and export to BigQuery.


Feature Google Analytics 4 properties (standard) Google Analytics 4 properties under Analytics 360

Event parameters

25 per event

50 event-scoped custom dimensions per property

50 event-scoped custom metrics per property

100 per event

125 event-scoped custom dimensions per property

125 event-scoped custom metrics per property

User properties   25 per event  25 per event
User-scoped custom dimensions

25 per property

100 per property

Conversions 30 50
Audiences 100 400

200 created per user per property

500 shared per property

200 created per user per property

1000 shared per property

Explore sampling limits 10M events per query 1B events per query
Unsampled explorations Not available Unsampled results up to 50B events per day per property

API quotas

Most requests consume fewer than 10 tokens.


25,000 tokens per day


250,000 tokens per day

Data retention

Up to 14 months

Options: 2, 14 months

Up to 50 months

Options: 2, 14, 26, 38, and 50 months

XL properties: 2 months

BigQuery Export

Daily export: 1 M events

Streaming export: unlimited

Daily export: Billions of events

Streaming export: unlimited

Events per User per day (for app data streams) 500 2000

Distinctly named events

There is not limit on the number of distinctly named events for web data streams.

500 per app instance

(for app data streams)

2000 per app instance

(for app data streams)


How to convert your property from free to 360 beta

Please discuss with your Google or Partner representative if you wish to include existing Google Analytics 4 properties in this Google Analytics 360 beta.

The upgrade process is carried out by Google engineering. Properties remain upgraded for the duration of the beta program. At the conclusion of the beta program, you have the option to enter into a contract to maintain the 360 service level of those properties, or you can downgrade the properties from 360 back to standard. Downgrading resets the property to the original standard limits.

Upgrading/downgrading to/from 360

The self-service upgrade/downgrade option is only available to Analytics properties that are linked to a Google Marketing Platform organization that has an active 360 order (learn more about orders). If you purchased Analytics through a Google Sales Partner, then the partner has to perform the service-level upgrade/downgrade.

Users who are either Org admins or Billing admins for the organization to which the Analytics account is linked can upgrade Google Analytics 4 properties to or downgrade them from the 360 service level.

Sales Partners can set the service levels of properties for their clients. Sales Partner clients and Direct clients can set the service levels of their own properties. To set the service level of a property:

  1. Sign in to Google Marketing Platform.
  2. Click Administration > Organizations.
  3. Click the relevant organization.
  4. Sales Partner: Click Clients, then click a client name. Under Linked accounts, select Analytics, then the specific account.
    Client: Under Linked accounts, select Analytics, then the specific account.
  5. Select the check box for the Google Analytics 4 property you want to upgrade/downgrade.
  6. Click More, then click Upgrade selected properties or Downgrade selected properties.

When you upgrade a property the service level changes to 360; when you downgrade a property, the service level changes to standard. If you have the necessary permissions to change the service level for a property but the interface controls to upgrade/downgrade are not available, then there is no order for the account, the order end date has passed, or the order start date is set to a future date.

Effects of upgrading

When you upgrade a Google Analytics 4 property to 360, the property immediately benefits from the increased limits described above. In certain cases, the upgrade may take up to four hours to apply.

Upgrading a Google Analytics 4 property to 360 will not impact billing for your Analytics account until the account has moved onto an Analytics 360 contract for Google Analytics 4 properties. In addition, SLAs will not be available to upgraded properties until the account has moved onto an Analytics 360 contract for Google Analytics 4 properties.

Effects of downgrading

When you downgrade a Google Analytics 4 property from 360 to standard, that property is immediately subject to the standard limits described above.

If the property currently exceeds those limits because of the previous upgrade to 360, then you have to bring the property within the standard limits before you can create objects or change settings that would cause the property to exceed the standard limits. For example, if you marked more than 30 events as conversions while the property was 360 and want to mark a new event as a conversion, you have to unmark events until you're below the limit of 30.

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