[GA4] Common mistakes with tag setup

If you have installed the Google Analytics tag and don't see data in your reports after 24 hours, you may have one or more of the following issues.

  • My web platform requires a "UA-" ID, but I only have a "G-" ID.
    Read this article.

Global Site Tag (gtag.js) issues

  • Did you paste your tag in the right place?
    Paste the tag right after the opening <head> tag. 
  • Using incorrect tag and/or viewing the wrong account, property, or data stream
    If you work with multiple websites and/or have access to multiple Analytics accounts, you might be using the tag from another property, or you may be looking at reports in the wrong account, or for the wrong property and data stream. Make sure you are using the correct tag for your property, and that you are looking at the correct account, property, and data stream.  Use the property selector or the Admin to select the account and property you want to view.
  • Extra whitespace or characters
    Be sure to copy the tag and paste it directly onto your website using either a text editor or an editor that preserves code formatting. Don't use a word processor to copy the tag from your account. Doing so can add an extra space or change the quotation marks in the tag. The tag requires precise formatting in order to work.
  • Customization Errors
    If you are making customizations to the tag, make note of the following:
    • function names are case sensitive and should have correct casing
    • boolean values (e.g., true or false) should not be enclosed in quotes
  • Google Analytics 4 and connected site tags
    If you lose admin access to the source Google Analytics property that uses connected site tags, or if the source property is deleted, you will have to retag the page with the Google Analytics 4 property's tag to make any further changes.

Google Tag Manager related issues

If you tagged your site using Google Tag Manager, the following issues may prevent you from seeing data.

  • Unpublished container
    Check that you published your container after adding the Analytics tag. Changes made to a container do not take effect on a site until you publish the container. So, once you've added or edited tags, you'll need to publish the container in order to make your additions and changes live on the site.
  • Tag not firing
    Read "Troubleshoot issues" in the Google Tag Manager help center.

Verify that the tag is working

To verify that the tag is working, visit your website and check to see that your visit is being registered in the Realtime report.

You can also use Google Tag Assistant to determine whether your tag is implemented correctly.

Download Tag Assistant | Learn more about using Tag Assistant

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