This article is about Google Analytics 4 properties. If you're using a Universal Analytics property, refer to the Universal Analytics section of this help center.

[GA4] Events: Retail/Ecommerce

The following events are recommended for retail and ecommerce apps and websites. Sending these events populates monetization reports.

Event Trigger...
add_payment_info when a user submits their payment information
add_shipping_info when a user submits their shipping information
add_to_cart when a user adds items to cart
add_to_wishlist when a user adds items to a wishlist
begin_checkout when a user begins checkout
purchase when a user completes a purchase
refund when a refund is issued
remove_from_cart when a user removes items from a cart
select_item when a user selects an item from a list
select_promotion when a user selects a promotion
view_cart when a user views their cart
view_item when a user views an item
view_item_list when a user sees a list of items/offerings
view_promotion when a promotion is shown to a user


Considerations for updating SDKs to Android 17.2.5 (or later) and/or iOS: 16.20.0 (or later)

If you used prior versions of either SDK and are planning to upgrade to Android 17.2.5 (or later) and/or iOS 16.20.0 (or later), you should consider the following:

  • Upon upgrade and from that point forward, you will only be able to access item data within the repeated items array; item data will no longer be available in standard event parameters as it has been prior to these SDK versions.
  • This change was made to support multiple-product analysis.
  • You may need to adjust your references to item/product data as a result.

There is a BigQuery schema format change during this upgrade. Item/product data will begin to appear in a repeated field, enabling analysis of multiple products within a single event. You should take care to adjust any query that references item/product data fields during this upgrade.

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