[UA] Upload and manage data

Learn how to upload files, delete files and check the status of uploaded data.
Requests to Analytics Management API using the uploadData method may fail with the error message "Invalid column header name(s) --------------------------" when you do not provide the required query parameter uploadType.

The Manage Uploads page is where you upload new data into Analytics. Every Data Set has its own Manage Uploads page. This page displays the status of the files that you and others have uploaded for that Data Set. You can also delete uploaded data using this page.

You must have the Editor role at the property level to upload data or delete uploaded files. You can see uploaded data files if you have the Viewer role.

You cannot delete or modify refund data once it has been uploaded to your Analytics account.
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Displaying the Manage Uploads page

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the property that contains the Data Set you want to manage.
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Data Import. This displays the Data Sets table.
  4. Locate the Data Set you want to manage.
  5. Click the Manage Uploads link to the right of the Data Set. This displays the Manage Uploads page.
Manage uploads page
The Manage Uploads page

Uploading Data

To upload new data to Analytics:

  1. Display the Manage Uploads page for the Data Set that will receive the data.
  2. Click the Upload file button.
  3. Select the file(s) you want to upload then click Upload.

Processing time and status

Uploaded data needs to be processed before it can show up in reports. This means it can take up to 24 hours before it will begin to appear in your reports.

The processing status of each uploaded file is shown in the Manage Uploads page.

File Upload Status
Status Description
Pending The file has uploaded successfully and is awaiting processing.

The file has been processed successfully.

Once processing has completed, it can take up to 24 hours before the data becomes available in reports.


Failed A processing error has occurred. See the Failed Uploads and Upload Errors section below.

To see if the status of a file has changed, click the Refresh button at the top of the Manage Uploads page.

Failed uploads and upload errors

If errors are found in an uploaded file, none of the data in the file will be processed, and the status shown in the Manage Uploads page will be "Failed." Click the View errors link to see the specific error message. Learn more about handling upload errors.

Deleting uploaded data

To delete an uploaded file from a Data Set, go to the Manage Uploads page for the Data Set. Select the file(s) to be deleted and click the Delete selected button.

Effect of deleting

Deleting an uploaded data file prevents that data from being joined to future hits. Hits that have already been joined with the uploaded data, however, will not be affected. In other words, reports run after the file has been deleted will not display the uploaded data, but historical reports (from dates prior to the deletion) will still display the data.

Unlinking views

In order for a Data Set to be active, it must belong to at least one view. So, removing all views from a Data Set renders the Data Set inactive. If you add a view to an existing Data Set, the data for that view will begin to be joined as of the date the view was added (but subject to the dictates of the Data Set mode).

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