Types of data you can import

Data Import is organized around specific use cases, known as import types. Each import type allows you to upload information of the appropriate type and scope for that use case. These articles introduce the currently supported import types. See the step-by-step examples for more details on each type.

Data Import supports uploading the following types of data:

Hit data import

  • Refund Data—align your internal ecommerce reporting with Analytics by importing ecommerce refund data.

Extended data import

  • User Data—create segments and remarketing lists that incorporate imported user metadata, such as a loyalty rating or lifetime customer value.
  • Campaign Data—expand and reuse your existing non-Google campaign codes by importing ad campaign-related dimensions, such as source.
  • Geographical Data—create custom geographical regions, allowing you to report on and analyze Analytics data in ways that are better aligned with your business' organization.
  • Content Data—group content using imported content metadata, such as author, date published, and article category.
  • Product Data—gain better merchandising insights by importing product metadata, such as size, color, style, or other product-related dimensions.
  • Custom Data—provides support for importing custom data sets.

Summary data import

  • Custom Data—provides support for importing custom data sets.

Offline data import

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud data—augment your digital analytics data with offline sales data .

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