[UA] About the Cross Device reports

Connect data from multiple sessions to see the conversion process from start to finish.

The Cross Device reports give you the tools you need to organize data across multiple devices into a cohesive analysis, so you get a better idea of how seemingly unrelated touch points, sessions, and interactions are connected.

For example, you might discover that one segment of users searches on a mobile device and purchases on a tablet within the same day, while another segment clicks an ad on a mobile device, browses your site on a desktop the next day, and returns to make a purchase on a tablet a week later.

The Cross Device reports help you connect data about devices and activities from different sessions so you can get a better understanding of your users and what they do at each step of the conversion process - from initial contact to long-term retention.

Access the Cross Device reports

The Cross Device reports are only available in User ID views. You must first set up the User ID and create a User ID view in your account before you can access these reports.

You can find the Cross Device reports in the Audience section of a reporting view. Learn about each of the Cross Device reports:

  • Device Overlap: Find out what type and how many devices are used to access your content.
  • Device Paths: Discover the last 5 device types used before a conversion.
  • Acquisition Device: See the relationship between acquisitions and conversions.

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