Goal types

Use a Goal type that best describes the action you're measuring.

About Goal types

There are four types of Goals. Each type is used to measure different kinds of content and actions.

Type Description Example
Destination* A specific location loads Thank you for registering! web page or app screen
Duration Sessions that lasts a specific amount of time or longer 10 minutes of longer spent on a support site
Pages/Screens per session A user views a specific number of pages or screens 5 pages or screens have been loaded
Event An action defined as an Event is triggered Social recommendation, video play, ad click

*Funnels for Destination Goals

With a Destination Goal, you can specify the path you expect traffic to take, called a Funnel. When you specify steps in a Funnel, Analytics can record where users enter and exit the path on the way towards your Goal. This data appears in the Goal Flow and the Funnel reports. You may see, for example, a page or screen in a Funnel from which a lot of traffic exits before completing the Goal - indicating a problem with that step. You might also see a lot of traffic skipping steps, indicating the path to conversion is too long or contains extraneous steps.

Setup Goal types

You must select a Goal type during the set up process. Destination Goals and Event Goals require additional consideration during set up. Read set up and edit Goals for guidance when creating a Destination Goal or Event Goal. Page/Screens per view Goals and Duration Goals don't require any additional information to set up.