About Remarketing Audiences in Google Analytics

Re-engage audiences that are likely to convert.

A Remarketing Audience is a list of cookies or mobile advertising IDs that represent a set of users to which you want to show one or more targeted ads. You create Remarketing Audiences in Google Analytics based on user behavior, and then use those audiences as the basis for remarketing campaigns in your other ad accounts like AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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Target audiences

To target an audience, you create a Remarketing Audience and show ads created for that set of users. You can use broad criteria to create the Remarketing Audience (e.g., users who simply visited your site or opened your app), or narrow criteria that identify specific behavior. Once you’ve created a Remarketing Audience in Google Analytics, you can use it in AdWords or DoubleClick Bid Manager to run a remarketing campaign.

For example, you might create each of the following Remarketing Audiences and target the users in them with the following kinds of ads.

Audience criteria Ad type
Users who viewed product-detail pages, but didn’t add those items to their carts Ads for the items they didn't add to their carts
Users who added items to their carts, but didn’t complete their purchases Ads with a discount code for the items in their carts
Users who purchased items X and Y Ads for related item Z

When a user’s activity on your site or app meets criteria you’ve specified for an audience, the cookie or ad ID associated with that activity is added to the appropriate Remarketing Audience (unless it has been already been added). Any of these users who later visit a site on the Google Display Network may be shown one of your remarketing ads (depending on whether you win the ad auction).

As you get comfortable with remarketing, you can tailor your creatives and apply remarketing best practices.



To use Remarketing with Google Analytics, you must:

Keep in mind that there is limit of 2000 Remarketing Audiences per Analytics account.


Create and use Remarketing Audiences

To create a Remarketing Audience, you indicate the advertising account you want to use, and specify the audience criteria. To specify the audience criteria, you can:

  • Choose from preconfigured audience definitions
  • Create a new audience definition
  • Import a Segment

Once you save a Remarketing Audience in Google Analytics, it becomes available in the advertising account you indicated. You can then use that audience in remarketing campaigns. If you want to use a Remarketing Audience in more than one advertising account, you need to recreate it for each account.

Remarketing Audiences can be used in AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager. The AdWords integration is available to all Google Analytics accounts. The DoubleClick Bid Manager integration is available only to Google Analytics Premium accounts.

AdWords integration

The integration with AdWords offers some additional options that augment standard AdWords Remarketing. While you can create remarketing lists directly in AdWords, using Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you:

  • create remarketing lists based on Google Analytics data. You can build your audiences from Google Analytics metrics and dimensions (for example, Session Duration, City, and Goal Completions). You can also target users who perform a specific sequence of actions on your site (for example, users who visited product page A and then clicked the “add to cart” button).
  • enable Remarketing via an Admin setting in Google Analytics. You don’t need to make any additional code changes or add any additional remarketing tags.

A Remarketing Audience must include a minimum of 100 unique cookies in order for the Google Display Network to serve ads to the audience. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads must include a minimum of 1000 unique cookies. These minimums are imposed by AdWords, not Analytics.


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