[GA4] Search Console integration

Analyze organic search results for your website in Analytics
This article is for website owners who want to integrate Analytics and Search Console.

The integration with Search Console lets you analyze organic search related to your site. You can, for example, see where your site is ranked in search results, which queries lead to clicks, and how those clicks translate to user behavior, like which landing pages engage users more and how many users interact with a key events.

In Analytics, you create the integration by linking a Google Analytics 4 web data stream and a Search Console website property. You can also create the link in Search Console.


The integration makes two reports available in your Google Analytics 4 property:

  • Google Organic Search Queries: Displays search queries and associated Search Console metrics for the linked Search Console property. You can drill deeper into the data by Search Console dimensions (but not by Analytics dimensions). The data can also be found in Search Console.
  • Google Organic Search Traffic: Displays landing pages with associated Search Console and Analytics metrics. You can drill into the data by the Country and Device dimensions.

Learn more about the data you'll see in these reports.

Search Console keeps data for the last 16 months. As a result, reports in Analytics also include a maximum of 16 months of data.

Search Console data is available in Search Console and in Analytics 48 hours after it is collected by Search Console.

Reporting caveats

The Search Console collection of reports is unpublished by default. You can find the collection under Library in the left navigation and publish it from there.

Search Console metrics are only compatible with Search Console dimensions and the following Analytics dimensions:

  • Landing page
  • Device
  • Country

The Search Console reports display data from the web data stream you select when you create the link between Search Console and Analytics. If you delete the link and create a new one that uses a different web data stream, then all date ranges for reports will use the web stream you select for the new link.

The Search Console reports currently do not support time-series charts.


  • You can link a web data stream to only one Search Console property.
  • You can link a Search Console property to only one web data stream. (You can also link the same Search Console property to one Universal Analytics property.)
  • A Google Analytics 4 property can have only one data stream linked to a Search Console property.

Data availability

Your Search Console data becomes available in Analytics depending on when you create the web data stream and when you complete site verification in Search Console::

  • If you create the web data stream and then complete site verification, data is available from the time of site verification.
  • If you complete site verification and then create the web data stream, data is available from the date you create the data stream.


Data collection

Be sure that your Google Analytics 4 property and your Search Console property are collecting data for the same set of web pages.


To create a link, you need the Editor role on the Google Analytics 4 property, and you need to be a verified owner of the Search Console property. You can verify ownership during the linking process. Learn more about verifying site ownership in Search Console.

To delete a link, you need the Editor role on the Google Analytics 4 property.

Create links

  1. In Admin, under Product links, click Search Console Links.
  2. In the link table, click Link.
  3. If you are a verified owner for one or more Search Console properties, in the row for Link to Search Console properties I manage, click Choose accounts, then select the account you want to link your property to.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the web data stream for your site.
  7. Click Next, then review and submit your configuration settings.

You can't edit Search Console links. If you need to make a change to a link, delete the existing link and create a new one.

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Learn more about the Looker Studio Search Console connector and the Looker Studio report template for Search Console data.

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