About Dashboards

Get an overview of your most important reports.

Dashboards give you an overview of how your properties are performing by displaying summaries of different reports as widgets on a single page. With a dashboard, you can monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports. To view and manage your dashboards, use the Dashboards menu on the left, found under the Home tab.

Each view in your Google Analytics account displays a default dashboard, which is pre-populated by a few widgets. You can add new widgets to a dashboard by clicking Add to Dashboard at the top of any report, or by clicking +Add Widget from the dashboard menu. You can also customise and remove any widget on a dashboard, including the default widgets which automatically display in your account. Click the gear icon in the top corner of each widget to see these customisation options.

You can create up to 20 dashboards, and each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets. Dashboards are only available in the view in which you create them. To share them outside that context, you need to use the Share menu in the Action Bar. Learn more

To get the most out of your dashboards, we recommend leveraging the customisation options to create dashboards that are best suited to your business needs. Learn more about how to create, edit and delete dashboards.